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QlikView vs. Access for Linking Excel files & data model

I've had a few people tell me they build their associations & keys in  Access database first (data model), and then only bring into QlikView once the data is just right and links & associations are already made.

I don't know anything about Access, and have serveral months of experience using QlikView. In my time, I have not found any reason to move my data from Excel files into Access first. I find through scripting in QlikView I am able to aheive what I need. I trust those who told me that, they are pretty tech savy. However, I wanted to get feedback from this community and those experienced with Access.

Is there any advantage to building queries first in Access and then moving the data to QlikView, or do you prefer to do all your data modeling in the QlikView Script?

If helpful, the original source files are monthly results that are available first in Excel (CSV) files.

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