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Run task from an external event with passing parameters

Need a bit of help if anyone has done this before as I am sure it's achivable.

I am using QlikView 10 server/client version on my project with publisher/pdf enabled.

I have a requirement to trigger a task which was set up in QEMC by an external event.

I have noticed that there is an option when you set up a task called Start the task "On an external event".

Actually this task has loop and reduce on a signle field and generate pdf report for each value in that loop
and reduce field and distribute this to a shared folder. This works great if I schedule this task, then it
generates PDF file for each value and saves to the shared folder.

I have a couple of requirements now on this task.

a) Instead of scheduling it, it should trigger on demand when user clicks a button on the QVW file from IE Browser.

b) Secondly, user will pass a single value to this "Loop and Reduce" field set up on the task so that instead of running for
all values in that field, it should generate a PDF file only for what user has passed a value to this task.
So is there any way I can pass parameter to this task to say run this task only one value instead of all possible values from that
LOop and Reduce field.

c) Finally, this is optional, is there anyway instead of saving this file to a folder, can we email to the user who clicked a button on demand to
generate this PDF file.

I think points a) and b) are must have requirements.

Is anyone out there who has done this before please could you share the information as how to do this?


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Re: Run task from an external event with passing parameters

Please Find attachment of qvw file.

Good Luck.


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Re: Run task from an external event with passing parameters

Hi Vikas, thanks for your quick response, unfortunately I don't want to print the report directly out of QVW file as I want to use publisher Loop and Reduce and generate a PDF file through Task. So that the output claritify that comes out of PDF is much neater and better instead of printing the report out of QVW directly like the way you are doing here in the attahed file.

Secondly, from that loop and reduce field that I have set up on the task in QEMC, how do I pass a parameter value to that task so that when it runs it runs only for that specified field?

Still unclear about running this task from the external event with passing parameter to that loop and reduce field to that task...

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