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SAP connector omits "#" if it is at the end of a string

I'm loadind vendors from LFA1 table and if data comtains the # character (35) at the end of the string it is omitted in qlikview.

If the character is at the beginning or in the middle is is represented ok.

Source Qlikview

Hossain Court 2nd Floor# Hossain Court 2nd Floor

K#benhavn S K#benhavn S

Again if they are exported to exccel the one with an # ias last charachter will split the line where the charachter occurs, if the same is exported from SE16N to excel it is represented ok.

This is in fact a serious problem, I found it by sheer luck, it wa sin line 5534 in a sheet and occuret 3 times in the entire vendor list. But what about all the other reports/exports I make from Qliview when do you find the error?

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SAP connector omits "#" if it is at the end of a string

Try using purgechar(field, chr(10)) or with chr(13) with your load statement on the field you have problem with. You may also use "replace" and replace it with a space.

Sometime it is possibe to enter an "enter" in sap fields. I am very sure it's not omiting the contents but just putting in two lines. Try testing by putting field in a text box and make that text box little wider and higher than 2-3 lines.

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