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Script execution $


I am loading a basic spreadsheet but is showing $ when executing the script and the tables are not joined in table viewer.  I honestly can not remember how to write this in the script but I need the 'tasks' to link with the results in each day.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Script execution $

Tables should have fields with same name, so QV can create a link between tables

you´re loading "Task" appart other fields

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Re: Script execution $

in script instead of 'Directory' use any table name and your 2 table donot have matching feilds. so, you table sre not associated.

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Re: Script execution $

Hi Sara, If the tow tables have at least one common field name then those 2 tables formed association on common field name in Qlikview. In your example,I believe, you don't need Task table because its already there on MONDAY, TUESDAY fields.