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Scripting help

I currently have a  qlikview document showing orders for all brands, from this document I'm nprinting  4 sheets, sheet one is brand A - Current Month, sheet 2 Brand A - future, sheet 3, and sheet 4 - Brand B - current and Brand B - Future.

I would like to enter another category within the above. ie in Brand A I can have  some orders split to retail sales, I would like to show these in another tab but not replicate them. I have attached my qlikview document.

I have two tables headers and details. Containing order information and at header lever I can determine whether an order is for retail or not. But then at detail level I retrieve the brand and whether it is for the current period or future.

I currently have split using selectors Ie by brand and whether it is for retail using 'y' 'n' flags.

what I would like is to separate the orders into eight buckets. Currently I have four buckets, need to add the retail part.

I have the following table

Key                 Brand             Sheet Label

2269734          Brand R          Brand R-Current  No

2269735          Brand R          Brand R-Future  No

2269734          Brand R          Brand R-Current Yes

2269735          Brand R          Brand R-Future  Yes

2269736          Brand F          Brand F- Current No

2269737          Brand F          Brand F-Future  No

2269738          Brand F          Brand F - Current Yes

2269739          Brand F          Brand F - Future  Yes

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Re: Scripting help

Many of us here would not download that big qvw. Could you upload a smaller (may be <5mb) qvw instead?


Re: Scripting help

sorry loaded again

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