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value require from two column

Dear All,

i have vendore wise two amount column- 1st is "invoice_amount" and 2nd is currency_conerted_amount

now i wants to generate one new column with this expression -(  i want "currency_conerted_amount "  againsed vendor and if it is null then value should be put from " invoice_ amount)

plz help to generate this new column

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Re: value require from two column

try like this

Load if(len(trim(currency_conerted_amount))=0,invoice_ amount,currency_conerted_amount ) as newColumn


Re: value require from two column

For questions like this it would be great to know if you are looking for a script solution or a chart object solution.

A simple sample document with a few lines of data will also make it a lot easier for someone to provide a suggestion that fits your purpose.

Re: value require from two column

"currency_conerted_amount" or "currency_converted_amount"?

Try this  (assuming you want this new column created in your load script):


IF (IsNull(currency_conerted_amount), invoice_amount, currency_conerted_amount) AS third_amount,




Alt(currency_conerted_amount, invoice_amount) AS third_amount,


This will handle only NULL values (as per your specification), not zero or blank amounts...




Re: value require from two column

Alt() will handle blank amounts as well as NULL.

ISNULL() will only work with NULL,

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Re: value require from two column

Sorry, yes you're right, Jonathan. Alt() will handle everything that doesn't look like a number. Even text strings...

Thanks, Peter