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Problem with Rank function and Security Access

Hello there!, I hope someone can give some tips on how to resolved this problem.

I am using the Rank function to get a daily status on several operational tracking elements. (one sample below).

This works well when the chart displays all the ranked items.


I need to add this new chart to a dashboard where security access alllows users visibility to data that belongs to their facility only.

With this type of security the rankings levels are lost and the chart displays the single facility as number 1.

( Facility 48 ranks as 4th but, with the security enabled shows a single rank of 1.)

Is there a way to display the correct ranking as compared to others while hiding the ranking for other locations?

Is there a better way to accomplish that?


M. Gavidia

Los Angeles, CA.


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Re: Problem with Rank function and Security Access


if related to section access you cannot calculate RANK dynamically, but have to do it in the script as the other dimensions are not visible for the indidual user (subj his rights).



Re: Problem with Rank function and Security Access


Well, I was afraid that will be answer; I'll work it out in the script.

Thank you.

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