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Qlik Alerting Release Notes - February 2021 Initial Release

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Qlik Alerting Release Notes - February 2021 Initial Release

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Qlik Alerting is an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help you more proactively monitor your business and take timely action. The mobile app allows existing Qlik Alerting customers to deliver data alerts to users in a secure manner on mobile devices. For more information on Qlik Sense and Qlik Alerting, please visit

What's new in Qlik Alerting February 2021

New features in February 2021 (Server Version 1.4.0)

  • Removal of the dependency on a Redis database. The default install now performs all database actions using the MongoDB database. This install will automatically set the configuration to use MongoDB for all session and queue actions which were previously managed in Redis. You may stop the Redis service following this install.

For detailed information about functionality and deployment, please refer to the Qlik Alerting online help.

Important: Versions of Qlik Alerting from June 2020 onwards require an updated Qlik Sense license, which includes the Qlik Alerting license attribute. Information on how to validate the Qlik Alerting attribute is available in the Qlik Alerting online help


For a detailed and updated list of supported mobile operating systems, devices, and compatibility with Qlik Sense Enterprise, please refer to Qlik Sense system requirements and supported browsers on

System requirements for Qlik Sense

Supported browsers

See the Qlik Sense Enterprise release notes for bug fixes, limitations, and other issues for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Resolved Defects

Qlik Alerting comes with fixes for the issues described below.

Qlik Alerting February 2021

Connectivity with Android device – failure to sign on when connecting to Qlik Alerting Nov SR1

Jira issue ID: QIAB-345

Description: A reported issue was found where users signing into Qlik Alerting using an Android mobile device. Users would receive a network error message even though all ports, certificates etc were correct.

Qlik Alerting monitoring Qlik Sense application returned an error when connecting to Qlik Alerting Nov 2020 SR1. Jira issue ID: QIAB-340

Description: A change in the monitoring app was required to cater for the way groups and privileges are now captured in the back end database.


Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive but includes all known major issues and limitations.


  • There are some instances where special characters in the virtual proxy prefix for Qlik Sense are not recognized. For example, the test data d/e/v for a virtual proxy prefix is not supported.
  • When an alert, which is linked to a Qlik Sense application, is shared with a user who does not have access to the application, the accept link in the email results in an error message. The record is created and displayed in the user’s list of alerts. However, it will not trigger because it cannot connect to the application with that user’s credentials.

Web user interface

  • The mobile app does not currently switch to landscape mode when the device is turned horizontally.
  • Datetime fields are presenting differently in different browsers. This is the default behavior of the browser, but it might be difficult for a user to understand. For example, the format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SS in Safari.
  • In some browsers, the table is not refreshed when an alert is duplicated. You can refresh the browser and the new record with be shown with (copy) next to it.

Qlik Alerting Mobile app

  • There seem to be some scenarios where the deep links to Qlik Sense mobile (QSM) or to the browser (where QSM is not installed) do not work fully. This could for example, be caused by special characters in the dimension name.
  • The mobile app deep links to Qlik Sense Mobile do not work correctly on the iPad Pro iOS.



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