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Qlik Cloud February 2022

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Qlik Cloud February 2022

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The following release notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

Resolved defects

February 2022


QlikView: Export to Excel fails

Fixed an issue where export to Excel failed with the error message "An error occurred, unable to export data".


Prepare statement failing in Qlik Sense

The Prepare and Execute statements are no longer case sensitive.


Qlik Cloud: Downloading data to Excel or PDF doesn't match the app data

All selections (also excluded selections) are now included in the report.


Paging not working in GET /api/v1/evaluations API

Fixed an issue with paging in the GET /api/v1/evaluations API. The issue would be seen as a blank links-JSON object in the API response even if not all content was visible on the current page (e.g by using argument limit=1). App-evaluator now returns next and prev links as specified in the API documentation.


Unable to use master measure formatting for measures in alert

Introduced a new Master measure option for measure formatting when editing or creating an alert.


Insight Advisor doesn't provide chart and narrative

The Insight Advisor chat now provides a visualization and narrative when asked for a dimension with measure context.



About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, where everyone can use data and analytics to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. A private SaaS company, Qlik offers an Active Intelligence platform, delivering end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud solutions to close the gaps between data, insights and action. By transforming data into Active Intelligence, businesses can drive better decisions, improve revenue and profitability, and optimize customer relationships. Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.

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