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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - August 2022

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - August 2022

Last Update:

Sep 29, 2022 2:51:02 AM

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Created date:

Aug 3, 2022 6:36:29 AM

Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

August 2022 


Visualizations: "Show excluded values" in accumulation does not work

Fixed a problem where Measure Modifier(Accumulation) did not work when the related dimension contained data with a single quotation or text that looks like $-expansion.


Incorrect legend position in combo chart

Fixed an issue with combo chart legend position in certain combinations of resolution and chart size.


Qlik Cloud Analytics: Authentication of "Databricks MLFlow" connector failed when authentication token contained a special character

Fixed a problem that would cause the authentication of Databricks to fail if the token included the special character "-". Tokens with "-" will no longer fail.


Visualizations: Problem with the selection toolbar menu on mobile browsers

Fixed a problem that cut off the selection toolbar menu on mobile browsers when in landscape mode.


Delay in spaces and apps appearing for users

Spaces and apps shared through group membership were not immediately shown to a user upon initial login or following a group membership change. An improvement has been made to allow these to be displayed after login without delay.


Scrollbar size differs between charts on touch devices

Fixed an issue with the scrollbar size in bar charts and bullet charts on touch devices.


Megabytes not correctly represented in the logs

Megabytes are now correctly (base 2) represented in the logs. Included in engine version v12.1440.0 and later.


Lineage not rendered due to duplicate node

When using multiple WEB connections in the same load script, the lineage data by Engine produced multiple tables with the same name. This has been resolved.


Invalidate merge index cache on inserts

The cache index on key fields in merge loads was not invalidated during inserts of new key values, so consecutive insert merges in script would operate on the original cached index.


It is now possible to write data files > 49GB using the STORE command in load script

The maximum allowed data file size is 100GB, but there was an issue when writing data files > 49GB using the STORE command. A fix is deployed which increases this to the correct 100GB limit for data files written using the STORE command.


Lineage not rendered due to duplicate nodes

When using multiple REST connections in the same load script, the lineage data produced multiple tables with the same name. This is now solved.


Forts reloads hung in Reloading status

Fixed an issue where all applications failed to complete scheduled reloads and were stuck in reloading status. Running a manual reload from the data script window worked, but any apps in Managed Space would not reload. Fort status was green and no errors were shown in the front end.


Unable to create an app from QVD file located in a shared or managed space

Fixed an issue where the space name was not correctly populated in the script when the user tried to create an app from a QVD dataset.


About Qlik

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