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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - December 2021

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - December 2021

Table of Contents


The following release notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

Resolved defects

December 2021


SAP connector returning error when querying the MARA table

In some cases, using the SAP connector results "Connector error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when querying the MARA table with a "SELECT * FROM MARA". Afterward, they receive a timeout error and a buffer space error. This issue is related to empty rows. It has now been corrected.


Line chart displays duplicate tooltip measure

In some cases, a line chart might display a custom tooltip measure twice when the mouse pointer hovers over dimension values (for example, at the bottom of the line chart). This is issue is resolved.


Amazon Athena connector improvement

When using the Amazon Athena connector, the Data preview dialog now uses row limits with generated queries. This improves load times.


Navigating to some sheets in a QlikView app results in error message

When navigating in an imported QlikView app to Web and Export sheets, users might receive the "Lost Connection To Server" message. This issue is resolved.


Dynamic views were not working in mashups

Dynamic views did not render in a mashup. This was accompanied by a CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) error being logged in the console. This issue is resolved.


Qlik Cloud Application Automation – Copy App block clarifications

Application Automation does not support the copying of an app to a managed space. This has now been noted in the Copy App block description text.


Multi KPI chart export from story to PDF

When exporting Multi KPI chart from a story to PDF the output was blank.


QlikView documents in Qlik Cloud not exporting as expected

QlikView documents in QlikCloud were not correctly exporting expanded pivot tables. Pivot tables were being exported as collapsed. This issue is corrected.


QlikView documents in Qlik Cloud not using search strings as expected during export operation

QlikView documents in QlikCloud were ignoring the search criteria when exporting data to the Microsoft Excel file format. This issue is corrected.


Qlik Forts resource usage

Qlik Forts was previously correctly reporting overall memory usage in raw numbers, but the status indicator associated with this information did not reflect the usage level accurately.

This has been corrected, the Forts Console will now accurately update status indicators when resource usage is concerning.


Attached PDF is now visible in sheet subscription

In some email clients, the attached PDF in sheet subscriptions was not visible. This is now fixed.


'Hypercube results are too large' error when using 'View data'

Due to a limitation in engine, we cannot fetch more than 10k cells at a time. Now we only fetch the actual rows on the page (not 100 if it is only 50), and lower the rows per page setting if needed.


Export cyclic fields from QlikView reports not working as expected

We have re-worked the QlikView cloud solution for exporting QlikView objects to Excel. The new solution includes both selection and app layout info when exporting the report. With this change, when the user exports from QlikView reports, the app layout is applied properly including cyclic group fields, table expansion, advanced search, and other object layout info.


About Qlik

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