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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - February 2023

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - February 2023

Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

February 2023


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: Users without admin privileges cannot access direct access gateway

In the connector dialog, users cannot access the direct access gateway without admin privileges. This was caused changes in the API to conform to new REST standards. This has been updated to work with the new filter format to get the gateways list.


Qlik Cloud: "Total" label displayed on empty cells when exporting to Excel

When exporting a pivot table to Excel from a QlikView app on Qlik Cloud, empty cells would display the label "Total" even if the "Show Partial Sum" option was not enabled for that dimension. This has been fixed and empty cells remain empty when exported to Excel.


Qlik Cloud Visualizations: "Create new sheet" button flickers

Fixed a problem where depending on the number of existing sheets, the "Create new sheet" button would flicker and could not be used.


Qlik Cloud: Tenant admin without Developer role assigned can click on "Generate new" under the API keys section

Fixed a problem where users without the "Developer" role had access to the "Generate new" button in the "API keys" section in the Management Console. Clicking on the button opened a blank page. The button is now greyed-out for users without the Developer role and hovering over the button will indicate this.


Qlik Data Gateway – Direct Access might not install

Version 1.2 of Qlik Data Gateway – Direct Access might be prevented from installing due to a digital signing issue. Download the latest version (1.3.0) to avoid installation issues. For more information about upgrading Direct Access gateway, see


Qlik Cloud: Variables are only visible to owner during simultaneous editing of the app

When creating a variable in a shared space, it could take some time for users already working in the app to see the new variable. Changes to variables will now propagate within seconds to other users in the app.
Note: if more than one user creates or deletes variables at the same time, some of those changes can fail and be reverted. If this happens, try creating or deleting the variable again.


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: Modification of Direct Access Gateway from the Management Console fails

When a tenant admin who had not created the gateway modified it from Management Console, it failed with a 403 error. This issue was resolved by creating a new administration policy type for Direct Access Gateway that allows tenant admins to modify the gateway. This new policy type was set in both qdi-qem-manager and replicate-agent-service services.


Qlik Cloud Hub: Missing notifications when reloads fail after reaching reload limits

Notifications were not sent if the app reloads failed when the daily or monthly reload limits had been reached. This has been solved and notifications are now sent if the reload fails due to reaching reload limits.


Qlik Cloud Hub: Missing notifications when reloads fail due to section access

Notifications were not sent if reloads failed due to section access. This has been solved and notifications are now sent if the reload fails due to section access.


Qlik Data Integration: Tables dropped in Snowflake without being recreated

If an unrecoverable error occurred when loading data into Snowflake (for example, a "limit exceeded" error), existing tables would be dropped without being recreated. With this fix, tables will only be dropped (and recreated) if the data is successfully loaded into Snowflake.


Qlik Cloud: QlikView pivot table export missing dimension column

Navigating to a sheet that was not the default saved sheet and exporting a pivot table to Excel from a QlikView app published in Qlik Cloud would cause a dimension column to disappear. This has been solved and the previously missing column is now included in the exported Excel file.


Qlik Enterprise Connectors: MySQL connector fails when previewing or reloading specific timestamp values

Fixed a problem where data preview and reload would fail when MySQL data contains values such as '0000-00-00 00:00:00' in a column with data type timestamp and bulk reader mode is enabled.


Qlik Cloud Visualizations: Chart title truncated

Fixed a problem where the chart tile was truncated when the mouse hovered over the chart and when the chart was maximized.


Visualizations: Pivot table in container shows rows inconsistently

Pivot tables in containers were inconsistently showing rows when expanded or collapsed. This has been solved and rows will not be hidden when there is a show condition in the container object.


Qlik Cloud: Invitation email is sent to existing user despite error

Fixed a problem where an invitation email was sent to an existing user despite an error message appearing. Invitees will no longer receive registration emails when the invitee is already active/disabled in the tenant.


Visualizations: Table chart does not work with accumulation

Accumulation did not work when converting charts to tables. The feature flags for modifiers (such as accumulation) were removed from the config files but not from the table's code. This has been fixed and the flags are properly removed.


Qlik Sense Visualizations: Maximum values in gauge chart do not match

Fixed a rounding error that caused the KPI value and the maximum value to differ in a gauge chart.


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: Status is Disconnected when gateway is connected


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access showed status "Disconnected" while being connected and functioning. This prevented the creation of new connections. This problem was solved by fixing the race condition between connection up and down events in the replicate-agent service and by ignoring disconnect events in qdi-qem-manager service that are received in different pods than the original agent is connected to.


Visualizations: Negative values are not correctly displayed when using custom number formatting

Fixed a problem where chart tooltips that used the custom numbering format would not correctly display negative values in percentage format.


Qlik Engine: Row disappears from pivot table


Fixed a problem where an entire row was removed from a pivot table if the total for the dimension column equaled zero and "Include zero values" was disabled. Zero values are now only suppressed in the remaining dimension.


Qlik Cloud Visualizations: "Action in Sheet" does not apply to text values

Fixed a problem where select action in sheet would not work if the selected value was a date or other dual value with text and number.


Qlik Cloud Hub: Navigation issue when adding a chart in monitor hub

The filters in Catalog would sometimes not show a newly created monitored chart after creation. This has been solved and the user is navigated to the "Your Charts" area so the newly created monitored chart is always visible after its creation.


Qlik Cloud Analytics: "Search Fields" in Data Catalog list view unselects previous selections

Fixed a problem where items not included in a search in the Field Browser were unselected when using "Search Fields". The items previously selected that do not appear in the results of the current search will now remain selected.


Qlik Cloud Analytics: Copy and paste not possible from locked auto-generated section in load editor

Fixed a problem where it was not possible to copy script from the locked scripts in the data load editor. The script can now be copied to the clipboard while locked, but can only be modified when unlocked.


Qlik Cloud Analytics: Data load model refresh message blocks data load editor

Fixed a problem where a "Please wait - refreshing data model" screen would appear and not clear after reloading the script in the data load editor, navigating to the data model viewer, and navigating back to the data load editor.


Qlik Cloud Enterprise Connectors: Data Manager crashes when MySQL table contains a .json field

ODBC Connector was updated to use a buffer with limited size to load binary data. This should prevent the "Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program" error.


Qlik Cloud: QlikView Ajax Client freeze after export on Firefox

On reports that were extracted from QlikView and then imported to Qlik Cloud, it was not possible to go back into the app and make selections without refreshing the page on Firefox. This has been solved by adding an attribute to the download link so that Firefox does not lose the current browser session.


Qlik Sense Visualization: Additional "Totals" labels in pivot table

Fixed a problem where additional "Totals" labels were shown in a pivot table when using dimensioned TOTAL qualifier in an expression measure.


Qlik Engine: "Distinct" prefix out of sync in join operation

The "distinct" property of a table is removed after a "drop field" statement. An opt-in has been added to enable previous behavior where the distinctness is not removed.


Data Gateway - Direct Access: ConnectorAgent crashes on Service Start

ConnectorAgent crashed on Service Start if the agent had never been configured with a tenant URL. No message in the logs described the reason for the crash. This was solved by checking if the tenant URL is configured, and if it is not, the gateway will issue the message: "Direct Access Gateway service could not start since 'tenant_url' is not set".


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: Upgrade deploys new files to default location

When upgrading, Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access deployed new files to the default location regardless of where the original files were installed. This has been resolved, and when upgrading, new files are deployed into the original installation folder.


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: No option to select installation path using a mouse

This issue has been resolved and the user can now double-click on the path text field to select the path.


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