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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - January 2022

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - January 2022

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Sep 28, 2022 11:52:22 PM

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The following release notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

Resolved defects

January 2022


Teradata SSO username format is now configurable

Now users can make the Teradata SSO username format configurable by editing the SSOUsernameFormat property in QvOdbcConnectorPackage.exe.config file.
For UPN format, edit the property to:
 <add key="SSOUsernameFormat" value="upn" />
For samaccountname, format property should look like this:
 <add key="SSOUsernameFormat" value="samaccount" />


Dragging files in Qlik Sense Desktop failed

Dragging files into Qlik Sense Desktop resulted in an infinite spinner instead of allowing the selection of data. This issue is fixed.


Monitored charts would not open in expanded mode

The expand and collapse buttons for monitored charts now expand and collapse the chart.


OAuth connections could not be linked, existing connection became disconnected

Due to a bug, it was impossible to link new OAuth connections (for example to Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Salesforce). Automations using these connections and with expired credentials would possibly see failed automation executions.
The problem is now resolved, all connections are restored and automation will run as before.


Fix 'Apply changes' message on Container object

The 'Apply changes' message that appears on the property panel when switching between tabs in the Container object has been removed.


Cloud Storage - List Files now has better support for paths like "./" or "."

Cloud storage adapters (for example FTP/SFTP/AWS S3) now have improved support for listing files using paths like "./" or "."


Application reloaded properly but reports in the UI as failed

Fixed a bug where nats event was not being resent when the connection to the server was lost. This resulted in lost events and the app reload to be marked as failed.


Multi KPI chart style is changed unintentionally

Multi KPI chart is now reverted to the original style.


Last Modified not always displayed on apps in the list view

Last Modified date or time is now always displayed on apps in list view in the Collection section.


Line chart value labels slowing down the page

Fix for an issue where the rendering of value labels in a two-dimensional continuous line chart in certain scenarios was inefficient, slowing down the page.


Use the sort order from properties to include all columns when sorting View data

When sorting View data by clicking the header, the new sort order sent to engine excluded hidden columns. This caused the conversion to crash. The correct sort order array is used now.


Qlik Cloud: "An error occurred, unable to download data" in QlikView apps

When a cell contains more than one style, the data sent from Engine causes an internal error in the Reporting service. This is fixed by this change.


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