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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - July 2022

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - July 2022

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Sep 28, 2022 11:51:14 PM

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Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

July 2022


Export from Qlik Cloud in Safari generates wrongly named files

Filenames including newline characters would result in wrongly downloaded files in Safari. Removing the newline characters from the filename fixes this issue


Unable to make sheets public/private in imported Qlik Sense app

Fixed an issue where it was not possible to make sheets public/private in an app that was imported from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows to Qlik Cloud.


Qlik Engine: Reload script containing 'applymap' and mapsubstring' can hang the engine

Fixed a problem where reload scripts containing 'applymap' and 'mapsubstring' could result in the engine hanging when parsing fields for lineage.


Custom theme for bullet chart not working

Fixed an issue with custom theme for bullet charts.


Login failed for users with case sensitive changes

When a user subject value from an identity provider changed only in case (for example, REALM\userid to realm\userid) the login request was blocked by Qlik Cloud and prevented the user from logging in. This has been fixed and will now fallback to finding the user by email address, allowing the login to succeed.


Qlik Engine: Wrong format on pivot table columns when exported to Excel.

Fixed a problem that caused columns with the same name to have the wrong format when the pivot table was exported to Excel.


Qlik Cloud Automation: Send Mail block in HTML mode adds unwanted line breaks

When Send Mail was used in HTML mode, <br> tags were added to each new line in the mail body input. This behavior has been fixed with release version 3.2.5 and new lines are no longer transforming to <br> tags.


QCS: Cannot publish the large QV app from QlikView

Customer was getting "InternalServerError" exception when distributing large QV app in cloud and the distribution was failing.


Indicator symbol was missing from Table property panel

Fixed a problem where the chosen indicator symbol was not visible in the property panel for the indicator representation in tables.


Qlik Catalog: Chart title and descriptions from master visualizations not visible in the chart details dialog

Fixed a bug that prevented showing chart titles and descriptions from master visualizations in the chart details dialog. This functionality was temporarily lost due to a redesign.



Qlik Engine: Error opening some QlikView apps in Qlik Cloud

Fixed a problem where some QlikView apps could be uploaded to Qlik Cloud, but could not be opened or deleted. This was caused by a lost connection to the server. QlikView apps can now be opened and deleted on Qlik Cloud.


Qlik Engine: "Always one selected" value disappears

Fixed a problem that caused numeric fields to lose their "Always one selected" value when exported from the cloud.


About Qlik

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