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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - March 2022

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - March 2022

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Sep 28, 2022 11:52:01 PM

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The following release notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

Resolved defects

March 2022


Qlik Cloud: Sheet with dynamic view is "published" when trying to edit the sheet

Fixed an issue with editing a sheet with dynamic views. You would get a message that the sheet was published and that you had to duplicate it to edit.


Scatter plot chart fails to render

Fixed an issue with the scatter plot axis format when an axis uses a time format.


Incorrect layout of Multi KPI objects in Qlik Sense

Fixed the layout of the objects in the KPI.


Using the output of previous blocks in QAA failed when that block had properties with Japanese characters

Qlik Application Automation: Fixed an issue when referencing a block containing properties with Japanese characters.


Can't use dashes (-) in the database name using the MySQL connector wizard

The issue has been fixed and dashes can now be used in database names and table names.


The timezone was not applied correctly when saving an app reload schedule

Fixed an issue where the scheduled release time was not displayed correctly when a user created an app reload schedule.


First and last names switched for users in Qlik Cloud

The issue has been fixed.



Keyboard focus state missing on hub cards

Qlik Cloud: Fixed missing keyboard focus state on hub cards (such as apps and charts). The buttons are now shown the same way on keyboard focus as on mouse hover.


Creating reports via QAA fails when the filename contains Japanese characters

Qlik Application Automation: Fixed an issue where creating reports failed when the filename contained non-English characters.


QlikView client bookmark freezes screen on SaaS

Fixed an issue with QlikView client bookmarks by adding error handling.


Slow performance in Data sources screen

Extra network requests caused the Data sources screen to be slow. Both the screen and the Move data file action have been fixed to avoid these extra requests.


Flickering in Catalog when scrollbar appears

Fixed an issue with flickering in Qlik Cloud Catalog. The flickering happened because the scrollbar adds from 12 to 17 pixels (depending on the browser) to the left side of the screen. Extra spacing has now been added to take the scrollbar into account.


Non-script variable values now preserved when app is reloaded

Visualizations such as the Variable input control allow end-users to set variable values within their session, using the API functions SetStringValue, SetNumValue, or SetDualValue.
Previously, all variable values changed within a session using these functions would be reset when the app was reloaded in another session.
For script variables, it is logical that the script resets the value when reloaded.
With this release, variables that are not defined in the script will keep any value set in the end-user's session with SetStringValue, SetNumValue, or SetDualValue when the app is reloaded.


Error when exporting a chart in iframe

The context menu was showing two options (export image/pdf) that where not applicable on Qlik Cloud. Those options are now hidden.


QlikView distributed document doesn't show Memory Size and File Size the first time it is distributed

Newer versions of QlikView have event handling, where the name is sent as a parameter in the REST call. This updates the app size and memory. In older versions of QlikView, the app is created with a call to POST /items and will need to redistribute in order to show app size and memory.


Qlik Automations: Old value shown for variables if the app isn't reloaded

See the following articles for a workaround to distribute changes between sessions:


Issue with nine items in filter pane

A filter pane with exactly nine items now has a scrollbar. This makes the last item readable and reachable.


Automations: Unable to get straight table data from tables with NULL values

The Get Straight Table Data block has been updated to retrieve data from straight tables that contain NULL values. Previously this block would not return any values if the table contained a NULL value.


Fix cell formatting in QlikView export data

Fixed an issue where cell formatting in QlikView export data was incorrect when the number of cells was greater than 5000.


Azure Storage expiry date not visible

The Help documentation has now been updated with the information that Azure Storage tokens expire after 90 days.


Pick QVW app title in right order at upload to Qlik Cloud

Changed the order that the Engine picks the title when a QVW app is uploaded to Qlik Cloud. The order is now App name, Document title, Previous old title, and Filename (fallback name).


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