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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - March 2023

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - March 2023

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Mar 28, 2023 1:38:06 PM

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Mar 1, 2023 7:32:02 AM

Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

March 2023


Qlik Application Automation: Overview page incorrectly shows Stop/Run button when toggling between scheduled automations

When having multiple scheduled automations, quickly toggling between the automations in the Overview page would lead to showing a "Stop" button for an automation that was not running and a "Run" button for an automation that was already running. This problem has been fixed and the correct buttons are shown based on the status of the automation.


Qlik Engine: Wrong number of rows shown when importing text file

Text files containing double quotation marks loaded an incorrect number of rows when using MSQ quoting. This has been fixed and the correct number of rows is now shown.


Qlik Application Automation: List Value of Field not working with dropdown input

A parsing error occurred when dynamically populating the list options for input in an automation. This issue has now been resolved. To trigger the fix, the workspace JSON needs to be regenerated. Make a small change in the affected automation and save it.


Qlik Cloud: Some users not listed as "Members" in "Space details"

Some users were not listed in the "Space details" as "Members". These users could still access and use the apps in the space. The error was caused by a limiter preventing adding too many members in a short period of time. This was fixed by introducing a new rate limit.



Qlik Cloud Management Console: Entitlement not visible

Fixed a problem where the entitlement information was not shown for some users in the Management Console. This prevented the user from managing their entitlement.


Qlik Cloud Hub: Scheduled reload "When a dataset is refreshed" can't be set

Fixed a problem where a scheduled reload "When a dataset is refreshed" would be invalid due to required fields not being set.


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: Updated naming for SAP connectors

Updated the naming for SAP connectors to follow the nomenclature as other Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access connectors. The SAP connectors are now named: SAP BW (via Direct Access gateway) and SAP SQL (via Direct Access Gateway).


Qlik Web Connectors: SharePoint Metadata only returns first page

Fixed a problem where the Sharepoint Metadata connector would only return the first page even when "maxResults" was set to greater than 1000.


Visualizations: When using a pick-match logic, the chart's y-axis does not reflect the stated logic

The pick-match logic was not working as expected when toggling from a percentage to a number with 2 decimals. This has been fixed and the formatting now reflects the stated pick-match logic.


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: MSSQL Connector failing on temp tables

Fixed a problem where executing two SQL statements within the same session where the first statement creates a temp table and the second statement tried to insert into this temp table, would cause the table to become unavailable for insertion. This was due to the connection not being reused and a new session was created for a second connection.


Qlik Cloud Notifications: Additional messaging to inform users of notification limitations

Users that are added to a space as part of group do not receive notifications. This improvement informs users of this limitation directly in the notification section of the Hub.


Qlik Engine: Qualify generating new field names results in unknown source

The lineage graph generation was unable to correctly identify nodes due to the Qualify functionality changing the field names. This has been solved with active documentation of changes in names within the lineage generation.



My Qlik Portal: Incorrect number of user licenses displayed after license reduction

Fixed a problem where the number of user licenses displayed on My Qlik Portal was incorrect after requesting to reduce the number of user licenses.


Visualizations: Pop-up Master visualization is not working

Fixed a problem where the charts in the custom tooltip were not working.


Qlik Cloud: Dimensions missing when exporting a QlikView pivot table

Fixed a problem where some dimensions were missing from a QlikView pivot table when exported to Excel. This happened when the pivot table was in a container that was not the active table.


Qlik Cloud: Layout change not visible when exporting a QlikView pivot table

Fixed a problem where after moving a dimension in a pivot table in a QlikView app in Qlik Cloud, the Excel export did not reflect the new layout of the table. This was caused by a failure to store/restore changes to the layout of the active object made after the Bookmark was created.


Qlik Cloud Visualizations: Containers in QlikView apps are showing overlapping charts and tables

Fixed a problem where opening a QlikView app in Qlik Cloud, would incorrectly show overlapping charts and tables in containers. This was caused by an inner container object being shown by its parent container object even when it was not active


Qlik Enterprise Connectors: MySQL connector throws an error when executing the same query more than once

Executing the same non select query (UPDATE query) more than once would throw an error if Bulk Reader Mode was enabled. This has now been resolved.


Qlik Cloud: Cannot delete landing app with space characters in the name

Fixed a problem where a landing app could not be deleted if it contained spaces in the name. This was solved by not allowing space characters to be used.


GeoAnalytics: "Within" operations (intersections) fail when precision is greater than 3

"Within" operations (intersections) greater than 3 would fail with "Failed to process query: Reduction failed, possible invalid input". This has been solved and the geometry can now be fixed with minimal changes.


Data Integration: Error when replicating too many tables in parallel

When replicating too many tables in parallel, either by multiple tasks or multiple tables in the same task, some users got an error stating "GetData rejected. The connector has already reached the max number of active reloads: 3". This has been solved by adding a retry mechanism when the error is triggered.


GeoAnalytics: Not possible to generate script with Named point and Named area as Geometry type.

Fixed a problem where location lookups were not working for CSV datasets with a location Geometry type (Name point or Named are) and would return an empty table, resulting in an error message.


GeoAnalytics: GeoOperations fails if location type but not geometry field is provided

Fixed a problem where operations with a dataset that had a location geometry type (named point or named area) but without a set geometry field, would fail with an internal error.


Qlik Cloud Web Connectors: Office 365 SharePoint connector fails

Fixed a problem where the STORE command would fail when using the Office 365 SharePoint connector if the file was larger than 2 GB.


Qlik Cloud Web Connectors: Jira connector does not return all records

The Jira connector was returning only the first value in a custom field from the Issues table. This has been solved and all values are now returned.


About Qlik

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