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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - May 2023

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - May 2023

Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

QB-18911  Visualizations: Filter button in the variable section is not working  Fixed a problem where the filter button was hidden behind the variables dialog. 



Visualizations: Custom object are missing in the assets panel under Custom objects 

Fixed a problem that caused custom objects to disappear in the assets panel when editing a sheet.



Qlik Cloud: Subscription editor does not show options for AM/PM in the scheduler 

When creating or editing a subscription, the Time selector did not show the option to choose AM/PM. This has now been fixed and the options are visible. 



Qlik Cloud Hub: Some objects temporarily disappear from the Catalog view 

Fixed a problem that would cause objects to disappear when renaming or moving in the Catalog view. These objects would only become visible again once the page was refreshed or filters removed. Objects now remain visible. 


Visualizations: Execute automation not available in button object 

Fixed a problem where Execute automation was missing from the dropdown list of the button object. 



Visualizations: Tooltip image not showing 

Changes in custom tooltip services led to a change in the ImageComponent. This was fixed to access the new structure. 



Qlik Cloud: Problem with expansion for Pivot exported as data from Cloud 

Fixed an issue on how expansion was handled when exporting Pivot tables as data from Cloud to Excel. 



XIRR and RangeXIRR calculation corrected 

The XIRR functionality in Qlik Sense (XIRR script and chart functions, and RangeXIRR script and chart functions) has been improved for XIRR calculations in two unconventional scenarios. First, the XIRR implementation has been fixed to correctly make calculations in inverted cashflow situations (particularly in the case of a loan, when the initial cashflow is positive and subsequent cashflows are negative). In the old implementation, a NULL value, or a value close to -0.99, is incorrectly returned. The new XIRR implementation also corrects behavior in the case of a "multi-IRR problem", in which multiple solutions are possible. While the old implementation was not as predictable and sometimes selected a negative solution over a positive one, the corrected implementation is designed to select a positive over a negative solution if multiple solutions are possible. More information about the changes can be found on Qlik Community: 



Qlik Engine: Reload fail error due to connection error during OpenDoc stage 

We have updated the connection error as a re-queueable error. This means that users will not see a "reload fail" error when the connection error first happens during the OpenDoc stage. Instead, the service will perform and internal retry and go through the reload again, minimizing the number of errors generated. 




Visualizations: Variable value does not change when dropdown has only one option 

Fixed a problem where the variable was not changing if the dropdown had only one option. This was solved by adding a top SELECT option to allow the selection of only one value in the dropdown. 



Qlik Cloud Management Console: Navigation problems for tenant admins without entitlements 

A user who is a Tenant Admin but with no entitlement assigned, could not use the Management Console because the left-side panel did not render. This has now been fixed. 



Visualizations: Filter pane does not respect font changes 

Fixed a problem where the font was not applied to filter panes. 


Qlik Cloud: QlikView IE-plugin stuck in login loop 

A recent update to Microsoft Edge has caused a login loop for some users when trying to open a QlikView app in IE Plugin from the Qlik Cloud Hub. Please refer to Qlik Community for a workaround: 


Qlik Cloud Hub: Cannot scroll to see complete Chart History 

In the Monitoring chart in the Hub, the back and forward buttons in Chart History were disabled. This prevented browsing the full history of the chart and defaulted to the oldest version of the chart first. This has been fixed and the newest version of the chart is shown first, and the full chart history is accessible with the back and forward buttons. 



Qlik Application Automation: Out of memory issues with Send Mail block 

Fixed a problem with the memory release of the Send Mail block. The issue occurred when using the Send Mail block in a long loop to send sizeable attachments such as reports. 


Qlik Cloud: "Unknown error" shown after "Apply unpivoting" in Data Manager 

Fixed a problem that would throw an "Unknown error" after unpivoting a table in Data Manager. The Data Manager will now wait until the unpivot is complete before reloading the table. 



Visualizations: Cannot make selections in filter pane 

Fixed a problem that prevented making selections in a listbox when an empty filed was in use. 


Visualizations: Long strings in a filter pane could cause UI issues 

Fixed a problem where very long strings in a filter pane could cause rendering issues in the UI. 


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access 

May 11:  
A security vulnerability was identified whereby the HTTP client used for proxy connectivity would follow a redirect. 


Geoanalytics: Character encoding not applying to Shapefile field names 

Fixed an issue where the specified character encoding was not applied to field names in Shapefiles. We also improved the detection for non-specified encoding. 


Visualizations: Missing scroll bar in filter pane 

The missing scroll bar on the filter pane limited the number of dimensions that could be selected. This has been fixed and the scroll bar allows access to all available dimensions. 


Visualizations: Blank screen displayed when expanding filter panes to full screen 

Fixed a problem where the incorrect handling of an empty listbox array would display a blank screen during the initial rendering in full-screen mode. 



Visualizations: Problems interacting with Filter pane 

Fixed a problem that would cause the Filter pane to be unresponsive when it had an invalid dimension. This has been solved and the Filter pane works as expected. 


Visualizations: Portrait mode not working when exportPDF method is used in Qlik Cloud Mashup 

Chart orientation settings were ignored when exporting from a mashup on Qlik Cloud. This has been fixed and exports can be handled in both portrait and landscape mode. 



Qlik Engine: Unable to import CSV files including New Line data 

Fixed a problem where the handling of escaped double quotes and delimiters within a multi-line field didn't work as expected when loading data using MSQ. 


About Qlik

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