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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - November 2022

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - November 2022

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Nov 30, 2022 6:27:43 PM

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Table of Contents

What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.

Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

November 2022


Qlik Cloud: App size description in Management Console

Added a description on the size column of the Apps module in the Management Console explaining how app size is determined.


Qlik Cloud: Missing column when exporting pivot table from QlikView on Qlik Sense SaaS

Fixed a problem where a column in a pivot or straight table is missing when exported to Excel from a QlikView application on Qlik Sense SaaS.


Qlik Cloud Engine: Direct variable reference in expressions could cause incorrect field-on-the-fly generation

Fixed a problem that allowed expressions with by-name variable reference for fields-on-the-fly, causing data model and result cache corruption, resulting in unpredictable crashes. These expressions are now ineligible for fields-on-the fly and instead, a regular ad hoc calculated dimension will be generated (as for any ineligible expression). Dollar-expansion using variables continues to work as before, as the variable is used to generate the expression, and does not form a part of the expression itself.


Qlik Cloud Hub: Chart Monitoring does not work for object inside a container

Fixed a problem where Chart Monitoring and downloading as an image or PDF was available for unsupported objects. The option to monitor in the Hub has been hidden for affected charts and the option to convert container objects has been removed.


Qlik Data Gateway: Gateway loads fail to start

Fixed a problem where pod replicas built up but did not scale down, resulting in failed loads. This behavior has been corrected so that abandoned or failed reloads in pending get cleared, allowing pods to scale down and timeout.


Qlik Cloud Engine: Duplicated table-level source nodes when loading the same data set twice

When loading data from the same source, the lineage data produced by the Engine was generating duplicate table-level nodes, which have the same QRI (Qlik Resource Identifier). This problem was fixed and duplicate nodes will not be generated.


Qlik Lineage Connectors: Internal error after reloading an application

Fixed a problem that caused viewing an app's lineage to throw an internal error after reloading the application. This was solved by adding support for the use of field functions in preceding load statements.


Qlik Cloud: Export to Excel ignores expanded pivot table

Fixed a problem that caused incorrect Excel exports of pivot tables inside containers. This was solved by transferring the object layout information to Reporting Service and including the pivot expansion information in the report.


Qlik Cloud: QlikView apps not visible in Catalog search results

Fixed a problem that excluded QlikView apps from the search results if apps were selected in the filters panel along with other content types (such as data or links).


Qlik Data Gateway: Error when creating a Data Gateway

Fixed a problem that prevented customers with a Qlik Sense for Business license from creating a Qlik Data Gateway. The error stated that the tenant did not have access to the Bring Your Own IDP functionality (BYOIDP). The issue was resolved by allowing Qlik Data Gateway to create the required IDP for all license types.


Qlik Cloud Engine: Cannot delete a corrupt apps

Fixed a problem that prevented corrupt or partially deleted apps from being deleted.


Qlik Cloud Visualizations: Simple edit mode incorrectly included in Forts

Fixed a problem where Simple edit mode was incorrectly included in Forts. It has now been disabled.


Qlik Data Gateway - Direct Access: Oracle Wallets is not working

Fixed an issue with Oracle Wallets.


Qlik Cloud Reporting: Cannot subscribe to sheet or chart in shared apps

Fixed a problem that prevented users who had access to an app via Share action to subscribe to sheets and charts in the app.


Qlik Cloud Analytics: Incompatible connectors visible in App editor

Fixed a problem that showed connectors that are usable only via Data Integration to appear in the Data Load Editor and Data Manager.

About Qlik

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