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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - September 2023

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - September 2023

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Sep 27, 2023 4:16:06 AM

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Sep 13, 2023 4:28:13 AM

Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.


Cloud hub: Not possible to schedule reloads with "Until end date" 

Fixed an issue where reloads did not run when they were scheduled using the "Until end date" setting. 



Visualizations: resource-library pods are crashing 

Corrupt zip files caused the resource-library pods to crash. We have fixed this issue and improved the error handling. 


Geoanalytics: Tooltip is stuck to a fixed position when scrolling the page 

The tooltip in a geo-mapchart would get stuck when hovering over a data point and then quickly moving the cursor outside the geo-mapchart. This has now been fixed. 


Qlik Cloud Services: "Come back later" error message shown instead of "404 - not found" 

Fixed a problem where accessing a non-existing tenant would show a generic error page instead of the correct "tenant not found" page. These errors are now correctly handled. 



Qlik Application Automation: Disabling and re-enabling a schedule automation causes a jump in the scheduled run 

When disabling and then re-enabling automations, the first scheduled run according to the schedule would sometimes be skipped. This issue was now resolved. Re-enabling the automation will create the next run to start at the first logical iteration. 



Visualizations: Data point errors when converting from line chart to combo chart 

After converting a line chart to a combo chart, the chart applied line chart-specific measure styling which caused some of the data points to become enlarged and unable to be adjusted. This issue has been fixed. 


Visualizations: Tooltip information not visible when the cell is extended in size 

When the screen area is fully covered, the tooltip information will not default to the top and instead will be shown in the center of the object. 



Data Admin and Audit Admin could list all spaces in the tenant 

Fixed an issue where Data Admin and\or Audit Admin, despite lacking relevant privileges, could list all spaces via the Catalog space picker in the Analytics Services hub, but not view their content. 



Qlik Cloud Data Integration: Missing LOB columns when onboarding data to Qlik Cloud 

When landing data to Qlik Cloud, the LOB column settings in the landing task would be ignored. 



Qlik Enterprise Connectors: Amazon Athena returns incorrect value when using useBulkReader 

When using useBulkReader an incorrect value for $file_modified_time was returned. This has been fixed and now the correct value is shown. 



Qlik Catalog: Exporting glossary with links to more than 100 resources fails 

It is now possible to export a glossary with links to more than 100 resources. 



Application Automation: Multi-line expressions don't work in Create Measure or Update Measure blocks 

Multi-line expressions are now supported in the Expression and Label Expression fields in Create Measure and Update Measure blocks. 


Qlik Cloud: Code displayed in confirmation checkbox instead text 

When changing the owner for a data connection, a code string was shown in the confirmation modal instead of text. This has been fixed and the correct text is now visible. 



Qlik Cloud Analytics hub: Not possible to delete QlikView apps 

Resolved an issue in the Qlik Cloud Analytics hub that prevented deletion of QlikView applications. 



Data Manager: Drop-down menu for changing space is not present 

The drop-down menu that allows you to change space to select a connection is now available in the Data Manager. 



Insight Advisor: Issue when using Custom analysis with 2 dimensions and 2-3 measures 

Resolved an issue where charts were not displayed as expected when using Custom analysis on a pivot table with two dimensions and two to three measures. 


About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, where everyone can use data and analytics to improve decision-making and solve their most challenging problems. A private SaaS company, Qlik offers an Active Intelligence platform, delivering end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud solutions to close the gaps between data, insights and action. By transforming data into Active Intelligence, businesses can drive better decisions, improve revenue and profitability, and optimize customer relationships. Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.

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