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Qlik GeoAnalytics Server February 2023 Initial Release to SR1

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Qlik GeoAnalytics Server February 2023 Initial Release to SR1

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The following release notes cover the versions of Qlik GeoAnalytics Server released in February 2023. For

questions or comments, post in the Product Forums or contact Qlik Support.

What's new in 5.0.2

High CPU usage when idle (GEO-1890)
The service runner EXE would remain on high CPU usage all the time due to some issue withApache Procrun 1.3.3. We have now changed to version 1.3.2.

What's new in 5.0.0

New GUI for admin interface
The admin interface is in the process of being mordernized and migrated to React. As a
consequence Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Resolved Defects

GeoAnalytics max dataset byte size setting
The maxDefaultDatasetSize setting now allows setting values larger than 4GiB. You can
also set it to -1 for no limit.
Removed deprecated modules
The old route and webmap modules have been removed. They were deprecated and not
used by any Qlik customers.
Removed some internal APIs
There has been a general cleanup of unused internal admin APIs


Download this release from the Product Downloads page on Qlik Community.


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