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Qlik Gold Client for ERP Release Notes - 8.7.2

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Qlik Gold Client for ERP Release Notes - 8.7.2

Last Update:

Nov 14, 2022 6:44:43 AM

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Created date:

Jan 27, 2022 3:15:48 PM

Table of Contents


The following release notes describes new functionality and fixes in Qlik Gold Client for ERP version 8.7.2.

What's new in Qlik Gold Client for ERP 8.7.2


Gold Client Core Component

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900072 GC872 FB ## 20211201: Release 8.7.2


  • Chunk Import error in job log resolved for volume data copies (QGCB-115)
  • MCONFIG setting OMIT_CLIENT_IN_GET_KEY_FIELDS when active will remove the client field from all dynamic queries in the export program (QGCB-112)


Gold Client Language Support

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900073 GC872 LAN ## 20210922: Release 8.7.2


  • Gold Client screen text appears in English with Japanese Logon Language instead of blank text (QGCB-113)


Gold Client Finance Balance Recalculation

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900074 GC872 FBR ## 20210922: Release 8.7.2


  • No Changes


Gold Client HR Utilities

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900075 GC872 HRH ## 20210922: Release 8.7.2


  • No Changes


Gold Client APO Utilities

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900076 GC872 APO ## 20210922: Release 8.7.2


  • No Changes


Gold Client Patch 1 - Finance Balance Recalculation

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900090  GC872 FBR ## 20220215: Release 8.7.2 Patch 01


  • Reconcile FI Secondary Indexes utility no longer deletes BSAD and BSID when processing large volumes of BSEG records (QGCB-121)


Gold Client Patch 1 - Core Component

Gold Client 8.7.2 GCSK900092 GC872 P01 ## 20220225: Release 8.7.2


  • Column/Field formatting corrected on insert process with table /HTG/IMPFILEPROG during import.  (QGCB-145)    
  • Random characters added to Export filename to ensure uniqueness and avoid deadlock issues. (QGCB-142)        
  • Transformation Type Random Date now allows a Year Differential value of zero so only month and day in the date field are given random values (QGCB-140)
  • Removed Data Wave Export ID message from Client Exporter job logs where Data Wave was not used to initiate the export. (QGCB-139)
  • Resolved deadlock issues with table /HTG/GCSEXPFILES during data exports (QGCB-128)
  • Subset Sync jobs no longer cancel when collecting CO-PA data (QGCB-124)
  • Able to use Delete Data on Import method in Client Importer with table CLBUF from Variant Configurator data type. (QGCB-122)
  • Subset Sync Job Name retained in Export Control (QGCB-120)
  • Objects related to Qlik SAP Extractors removed (QGCB-117)
  • Resolved Chunk Import issue (QGCB-115, QGC-218)
  • MCONFIG setting OMIT_CLIENT_IN_GET_KEY_FIELDS added to omit references to CLIENT and MANDT in export queries to avoid ERROR_MESSAGE during export. (QGCB-112)
  • Gold Client transports listed correctly at beginning of Gold Client job logs (QGCB-106)
  • Reconcile FI Secondary Indexes menu item no longer available in S4/HANA systems (QGCB-89)
  • Improved export performance on S4/HANA systems when Key Split Configuration is active (QGC-395, QGC-345)
  • Structure Difference logic changed to accommodate situations when table fields have a different order between source and target system (QGCB-143)
  • Client Exporter data type exports using the same transformation rule are exported correctly (QGCB-147)
  • Configure Master Data Tables utility enhanced to include custom Y* tables  (QGC-403)
  • Data Snap enhanced to allow more records to be accepted in multiple selection field (QGCB-1)
  • Resolved issue with missing passport file entry in table /HTG/GCSEXPFILES during large volume export with Key Split Configuration active which could result in incomplete import (QGCB-144)


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