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Qlik Gold Client for ERP Release Notes - 8.7.4

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Qlik Gold Client for ERP Release Notes - 8.7.4

Last Update:

May 16, 2024 10:43:05 AM

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Created date:

Jul 14, 2023 3:39:49 PM

Table of Contents


The following release notes cover the 8.7.4 version of Gold Client. For questions or comments, post in the Product Forums or contact Qlik Support.

What's new in Gold Client 8.7.4

    • Gold Client can now generate Change Pointers for Data Imports into a target system.  See user guide for more information. (QGC-529, QGC-507)
    •  Data Wave functionality now available in CRM (QGCB-228)
      •  Data Wave internal transaction changed to /HTG/DW instead of ZGOLDDW (QGCB-211)
      •  Multiple ABAP Security code changes: 
        • Resolve Write/delete a report/text pool check (QGC-576) 
        • Resolve dynamic SUBMIT program manipulation (QGC-575) 
        • Resolve dynamic CALL TRANSACTION manipulation (QGC-573) 
        • Resolve missing authorization check in ABAP report (QGC-572) 
        • Resolve system function CALL 'SYSTEM' (QGC-570) 
        • Resolve Potential SQL injection (QGC-569) 
        • Resolve Potential Directory Traversal (QGC-565) 
        • Resolve missing authorization check in RFC modules (QGC-562) 
        • Resolve Potential ABAP command injection (QGC-560)
      •  Data Snap Record Count Popup text changed to "Execute Show Count" (QGCB-192)
      •  Data Snap Record Count displays correct count for large row size (QGC-557)
      •  Large numeric values (40+ digits) no longer bring rounded up during import when New Compression settings is used (QGC-555) 
      •  Post Process -> Conversion -> Utility to Update Client Value screen no longer produces ABAP dump when processing large volumes of records (QGC-539)
      •  Filter tab in Export Control ALV grid now available (QGC-524) 
      •  Gold Client news widget no longer blank (QGC-513)
      •  Client Importer screen now has Refresh, Sort Asc./Desc., Select All, Deselect All in the toolbar (QGC-512)
      •  Configuration --> Administration --> Miscellaneous --> Memory Optimization Upgrade screen now has validations requiring non-zero values (QGC-506)
      •  User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_37 can be used during MARA imports to delete corresponding MLEA and MEAN records (QGCB-194)
      •  Gold Client buttons disabled through security roles no longer appear active after changing screens (QGCB-210)
      •  Transformation Audit button no longer appears even when DISABLE_TRA_AUDIT-BUTTON MCONFIG setting is active (QGCB-206)
      •  Changed source system of object /HTG/GCE_UE from SAP (QGCB-213)
      •  On S4 2022 systems, parent export job will finish when all workers are completed (QGCB-269)
      •  Duplicate ACDOCA records no longer being inserted during import process (QGC-770)
      •  Skip Conflicting Data option working correctly on S4 2022 systems (QGCB-277)
      •  Data Wave executes the Number Range utility (QGCB-283)
      •  Select/Deselect All buttons working correctly on Client Importer screen (QGCB-284)
      •  The following Logical File Systems were added: 
        •  /HTG/GCTR - Transport Directory for Client Exporter Transport Requests 
        • /HTG/SBP - System Build Plus Export Directory 
        • /HTG/SBPTOOLS – Location of R3* programs used by System Build Plus 
        • /HTG/SBPWORK – SAP Instance work directory 


      •  Gold Client can now be accessed with /HTG/ZGOLD transaction. ZGOLD transaction will still be available from prior versions
      • System Build Plus no longer creates the directory structure in the export directory.  The user must create these directories manually as defined in the Prerequisites section of the System Build Plus User Guide (QGCB-257)
      •  Derived Transformation Rule with Multiplier Method no longer provides zeros as values (QGCB-287)
      •  STRING fields can now be selected in a Transformation Rule (QGCB-291)
      • Search Table Entries utility now accepts wildcard value without causing ABAP dump (QGCB-293)

System requirements notes

SAP system must be on SAP_BASIS 740 or higher


Download this release from the Product Downloads page on Qlik Community.

Patch 1


  • Programs using whitelist variable corrected to avoid looping issues (QGCB-297)

Patch 2

GCSK900192 (includes all Patch 1 changes)

    • Gold Client security object ZGCSGCSGCS assignments only needed if Gold Client Security is activated with /HTG/ security program (QGCB-301) 
    •  Derived Transformation – Multiple option working correctly for HR data exported with NOPERNRSYNC active (QGCB-287, QGCB-309) 
    •  Gold Client can generate exports files with the correct filepath when the /HTG/GC logical filepath is less than 5 characters (QGCB-305) 
    •  Resolved Table /HTG/CONVEXIT: Database returned the SQL code 131 message during data exports by changing how table /HTG/CONVEXIT is accessed from program /HTG/GLC_UTL_R_82 (QGCB-303) 
    •  Search Table Entries screen in Configuration menu can accept wildcard values without causing an ABAP dump (QGCB-293, QGCB-518) 
    •  Deleting Data Wave export files no longer causes STRING_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE ABAP dump (QGCB-292) 
    •  Export Table Data program /HTG/XXX_EXP_P_04 no longer cancels with "Unable to open Companion file" message. (QGCB-282) 
    •  Timestamp fields can now be used for selection in Data Snap and Intelligent Slice (QGCB-234) 
    •  Table Structure of /HTG/GLC_S_DE_DEF_RULES modified to allow for mass object activation (QGC-789) 
    •  Container numbers now start at 0001 for new or copied Export IDs  (QGCB-224) 
    •  Gold Client Data Framework and Data Transformation Search Helps now only return data dictionary tables (QGCB-225) 
    •  RAISE_EXCEPTION ABAP dump no longer occurs when assigning a Default Rule in Data Transformation (QGCB-226) 
    •  Gold Client Delete Files can now be executed in the background to avoid timeout issues (QGCB-241) 
    •  UI issues corrected in Data Transformation Setup screen (QGCB-313) 
    •  Resolved uppercase conversion issue in Data Transformation – Maintain List Values (QGCB-312)
    •  HR User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_39 can delete existing HR PA* table data before import faster than existing HR User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_15 (QGC-798) - Delivered in Patch transport GCSK900186

Patch 3 - 8.7.2024.05

GCSK900208 (includes all Patch 1 and Patch 2 changes)

  • Configuration Download utility no longer available.  Functionality replaced by Config Download/Upload (JSON) Utility (QGCB-317) 
  • Key Field Split Config Utility enhanced to allow tables with non-numeric fields in key structure (QGC-548) 
  • Map Table Names' functionality corrected for MDG tables /1MD/* Import of MDG data is using a different table than expected (QGCB-325) 
  • Subset Sync functionality enhanced allows copies from System A to System B to System C (QGC-817) 
  •  Delete Files screen deletes all files for Exports that cancelled with errors  (QGCB-319) 
  • Resolved ABAP dump CONV_EXIT_FIELD_TOO_SHORT during export (QGCB-324) 
  • MANDT field added to Gold Client configuration table /HTG/GCSPARMETER (QGC-843) 
  • Resolved ABAP dump when using Client Construct - Delete before Import for tables without MANDT.  Message added informing user that cross-client tables cannot be deleted (QGCB-306) 
  • Client Construct  - Delete before Import working correctly in S4 HANA 2023 System (QGCB-334) 
  • Improvements with Parallel Processing logic when submitting export jobs (QGCB-332) 
  • Restart Failed Jobs utility improvements for valid Runtime IDs and import validations (QGCB-336) 
  • Export Worker 999 jobs now submit Auto Import jobs if configured (QGCB-331)  
  • Resolved missing texts in popup windows when using non-EN languages (QGC-857) 
  • Added Client Construct Exclusion Flag and Reason fields to Data Type Table Query Report -  (QGC-794) 
  • Resolved Jamming detected during change operation message when running export in S4/HANA System (QGCB-223) 
  • Data Wave button calls transaction /HTG/DW instead of previous Data Wave transaction ZGOLDDW for customers who upgraded from a release prior to 8.7.4. (QGCB-335) 
  • Resolved STRING_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE ABAP dump when using Client Importer screen to delete files (QGCB-339) 
  • Restart Failed Jobs can no longer accept invalid Runtime IDs (QGCB-340) 
  • Incomplete Export IDs in Client Importer now trigger an error message when trying to use for import (QGCB-341) 
  • Key Split Configuration utility now only accepts Transparent tables as valid values (QGCB-343) 
  • Avoid LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND error due to dynamic program variable length issue (QGCB-347) 
  • Resolved LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND error in Adjust Date Range Utility when Dynamic Programs are used (QGCB-264) 
  • Resolved Export no complete due to stranded temp files found in /HTG/GCSFILEPROG error due to file compression (QGCB-233) 
  • HR User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_39 can delete existing HR PA* table data before import faster than existing HR User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_15 (QGC-798) - Delivered in Patch transport GCSK900209 

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