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QlikView - May 2023 IR

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QlikView - May 2023 IR

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May 25, 2023 1:39:14 PM

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May 23, 2023 10:48:40 AM

The following release notes cover the versions of QlikView released in May 2023.

What’s new in QlikView May 2023

QlikView Desktop using WebView2

QlikView Desktop has changed its rendering engine to WebView2. WebView2 is a modern Microsoft Edge based web technology replacing the previous WebView that was based in MS Internet Explorer technology.


TLS 1.3 support

TLS 1.3 support has been added to QlikView May 2023. With this support has been dropped of TLS 1.0 and 1.1. This means that QlikView supports TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.


Stronger encryption used

QlikView May 2023 now uses AES256 encryption instead of AES128. This is mainly used in the inter-service communication and means you must generate new keys if you are running your QlikView services with certificate trust.


Time Series breakdown functionality

Several new functions allow you to decompose a time series dataset into trend and seasonality. The trend function identifies direction in the data, and the seasonality function determines seasonality with a known periodicity. The residual function identifies variation that is not associated with seasonal or trend components (noise). With these functions, you now have increased visibility into the patterns and trends in your time series data so you can better plan future action.


Additional functions in the expressions

Additional functions from the Cephes library have been added, allowing you to perform more advanced statistical analysis of simulations


Improvement to customizations of the AccessPoint

When upgrading a system after having customized the AccessPoint, these changes will now persist across the upgrade.


Home button

A home button has been added to the AJAX client and the IE Plugin. This button takes you back to the AccessPoint.


Direct Discovery functionality disabled

Direct Discovery functionality has been disabled in QlikView May 2023. If you still need to use this, please contact Qlik support for information on how to enable it.


Notice of future depreciation – QlikView Mobile client

The support for the QlikView Mobile client will be removed in the next feature release of QlikView, currently planned for May 2024. You will still be able to use the Ajax client on both a phone and tablet, but the native application will be removed.

Resolved Defects

QlikView May 2023 Initial Release





Store command metadata is missing in the Lineage information in Qlik View

Store commands added to the data lineage for qvd headers.


Set Clear State is not working properly

This change fixes an issue where the Clear State, that is set and saved in Desktop, was not respected properly when the app was opened in Access Point.


ODBC DSN not working after 12.10 versions

Quoting rule added for Nucleus ODBC driver.


The xml node TaskInfo in the embedded document xml is missing an end tag

Corrected the xml structure for the embedded document xml by adding an end tag to the node TaskInfo - </TaskInfo>.


"Always One Selected Value" field is retained during qvf reload in the QMC

When any field selected "Always One Selected Value" in the QMC after task reload, the value disappeared. This issue was only with .qvf format.

It is now retained even in case of qvf.


Old naming of Plugin

In a specific error message, the name of the plugin has been updated to 'Internet Explorer Plugin'


Fix open without data for documents with calculated dimensions

When a document was opened without data and there was a calculated dimension on the opening sheet, the document failed to open because QlikView failed to get the select status for the sheet tab. This has been fixed.


Pivot table fix for calculated dimensions

Fixed a concurrency issue for pivot tables with calculated dimensions.


QlikView NPrinting On Demand Components installation failing issue on Dedicated QV IIS Accesspoint Server is fixed.

QlikView NPrinting On Demand Components installation was failing on Dedicated QV IIS Accesspoint Server. Now, this installation issue is fixed.


Fix to retain correct field formats in Send to excel output for PivotTableBox

Fix provided to retain correct field formats in Send to excel output for PivotTableBox. Applicable to Desktop, Ajax, Plugin and Qlik Cloud.


QlikView Ajax Client: Improvements to input validation

Introduced additional validation for user supplied URL strings.


Qlik Cloud: "Reduced Document Name" not working when distributing from QlikView to Cloud

Fixed a problem where the fallbackName was passed as a parameter for import app API call. This parameter has been replaced and now the reduced document name has higher precedence over the "Title" property, resulting in correctly named apps.


highlighting the duplicate qvw app

Issue fixed in QMC and Access Point.

We are highlighting the duplicate qvw app in above mentioned components.


QlikView Ajax Client: Unable to enter the words in the search box for search

It is now possible to enter search text equal to the placeholder text in the Search box.


Mekkochart Values on Datapoints change

When a stacked chart only has 1 value in the stacks, it will now use the expressions formatting for Show on Top.


Fixed missing outline in PDF report printed with A4 format

Solved missing outline of pivot table in print output for A4 format.

Applicable for QlikView Desktop.


Fix to show complete string in Text object when string is too long

The entire string is now shown without truncating it when string is too long in text object.


Reload QVF containing macros.

Reload of QVF apps containing macros in QV desktop and QV batch mode can now be performed.


Off duty shown when two separate QlikView versions are not version aligned with the same SLK

Fixed a bug where QVS was shown as Off Duty when joined a cluster with a different version using SLK. Now when a QVS with this fix starts as first node in cluster, it allows other QVS with different version numbers to join the cluster if they are using same SLK.


Export to excel changes number format to text in 12.60 SR2

The numeric scientific values is now exported as the number and right aligned in the exported excel sheet.


QCS : Cannot publish the large QV app from QlikView

"InternalServerError" exception could be received when distributing large QV app in cloud and the distribution was failing.

Increased MemoryLimit to accommodate larger value calculation during the import large QV apps.


Considering full file path to highlight duplicate qvw app

The issue is fixed by considering the following scenarios:

1. Full folder path to be included when comparing the qvw & qvf. if apps are in different folders, then they should both be active

2. Category/Attribute is not considering as long as the qvw & qvf are in the same folder, only the qvf should be active

3. Lower/Upper case issue: when comparing app name for qvw & qvf, both are converted in the background to lower case, qvw & qvf in the same folder with the same name, no matter if lower or upper case, only the qvf to be active


Fix to remove unexpected data in Top label cells in Pivot table

Fix provided to remove unexpected data in top label cells in Pivot table.

Fix applicable for Desktop, Ajax client and Plugin.


Fix to prevent reset of scroll position for charts in pdf report in Ajax client

Fix given to prevent scroll position reset for charts in pdf report.

Applicable for Ajax client.


QCS : Cannot publish the large QV app from QlikView

"InternalServerError" exception could be received when distributing large QV app in cloud and the distribution was failing.

Increased MemoryLimit to accommodate larger value calculation during the import large QV apps.


Right aligning scientific number

The numeric scientific values is now exported as the number and right aligned in the exported excel sheet.


Distribution temp files

Distribution temporary files are now written to the windows temporary folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp. The setting QdsTempFolder can be used to set another path if desired.


QlikView Ajax Client: current selections window Lock/Unlock Icon not visible

Icons for Lock/Unlock button was missing


Hidden Title not calculated in chart

Removed not needed calculation of titles for charts when the title is not shown.


Linest functions conforms with Excel results

The entire Linest function family did not conform with Excel when calculating with fixed intercept, and many statistical outputs were entirely invalid. The calculations have been corrected and now conforms with Excel calculations.


Object ID in properties for server object now read only instead of disabled

Object ID in plugin properties for object are now read only instead of disabled for server objects, which means it can be scrolled/copied


Fixed very rare never ending "Clipboard Full Table" on pivot table.

This could get into an eternal loop but is now resolved.


licenses.exe process information exposed on http://<fqdn>:9200/debug/pprof

Debug information for the licenses.exe process, including memory address details and stack traces, were exposed at http://<fqdn>:9200/debug/pprof. This information is now no longer available.


Fix to prevent ellipsis in Pivot table box header area when scrolling

Changes done to avoid ellipsis in Pivot table box header area while scrolling. Applicable for Ajax client.


Section Access documents used with QSE SaaS are listed on AccessPoint

When a QlikView app's Section Access contained "QLIKCLOUD" entry in SERIAL field, the app was listed in AccessPoint by mistake. This change fixes the issue.


fixes text on staggering axis

Fixed calculation for using staggered texts when the Text on Axis option is used


AccessPoint log out Issue Fix

AccessPoint log out issue that occurred when the QVWS was deployed on a separate machine than QVS. The provided fix has taken the active QVS node from the cluster and read the authentication level to perform logout.


Fix to prevent scroll position reset when clicked on cycle button in Chart.

Fix provided to prevent reset of scroll position when clicked on cycle button in Chart. Applicable for Ajax client, WebView and Qlik Cloud.


Rows shift is handled in the table when opening app in AccessPoint

Fix is done to avoid the shifting in the row in the table when opening application via AccessPoint.


Installation files left in temporary folder

Installers sometimes left .msi files under C:\windows\Installer\, which could result in a security problem. This is now fixed, so that administrator rights are needed to access them.


QVS crashed intermittently under heavy load and interaction

The QVS server crashed intermittently while evaluating QlikView chart object calculations. This was not caused by any specific calculation but was mainly connected to concurrency around shared chart objects, particularly sessions connecting/disconnecting and fast type changes of linked shared objects. Multiple additional synchronizations and safeguards have been introduced to safely handle sharing sessions attaching and detaching. Shared object with linked (replicated) object type changes have been restricted to safe combinations.


Respect section access omit in field lookup functions

The FieldValueCount() and FieldIndex() expression functions did not check for omitted fields in Section Access applications.

This has now been corrected, and a query for omitted fields results in null response.


Event logs Info level logged even when its verbosity is Low

Fixed a problem where event log level low included warnings and information. Now only errors are logged.



Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive; it does however list all known major issues and limitations.



QV-24371 - installing desktop in a share
QlikView Desktop can not be installed on a network share.

Known issues:

QV-24283 High resolution Screens (High DPI) not supported
High resolution screens are not supported by WebView 2 due to a third-party bug with Microsoft.

QV-24773 Nprinting onDemand not working correctly with IIS
When running NPrinting against IIS as webserver there are issues with the onDemand addon. After installing the addon the AccessPoint becomes unresponsive.

QlikView May 2023 requires NPrinting to also be of version May 2023 in order for NPrinting reporting to function. If you use NPriniting, QlikView and NPrinting should then be upgraded in parallel. 


Upgrade notes

Upgrading when using certificates for authorization


If a standard Upgrade is done, new certificates will be created using the AES 256

GCM mode as part of the upgrade. Instructions for upgrading QlikView with new certificates mode (GCM) – Before implementing this, TLS 1.2 has to be enabled for QVS to work normally.

Perform the upgrade on all machines in the cluster.

After completion, the installer will ask you to restart the machine/s.

After restart and services are running, stop all the services and open "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service\QVManagementService.exe.config" and apply the following config:

 <add key="InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey" value="true"></add>

If Services are clustered, all the cluster nodes also need the new certificate.

Add into resp config files for each (one on each node):

<add key="InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey" value="true"></add>


InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey=1 if QVS.

Start the QMS first and then rest of all services

In the QMC, go to the service’s System/setup, for example if QDS select the node and distribute the new certificates to QDS machine with Apply in setup and follow the popup instructions. Do this for one service om each node to distribute new certs mode. Stop QMS again and all services. Make above configuration false in all config/settings files

"<add key="InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey" value="false"></add>".

Start all services. All machines in the cluster shall now have the new certs mode.

If you for some reason need to downgrade to the previous version again, follow this

Support Article to re-generate certificates using the old encryption algorithm.


NPrinting compatibility

QlikView May 2023 requires NPrinting to also be of version May 2023 in order for NPrinting reporting to function. If you use NPriniting, QlikView and NPrinting should then be upgraded in parallel.

System requirements notes

The system requirements for this release can be found under “System requirements” on the Qlik help web site.





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