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QlikView - May 2024 IR

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QlikView - May 2024 IR

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Jul 4, 2024 9:24:19 AM

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May 21, 2024 11:17:16 AM

The following release notes cover the versions of QlikView released in May 2024.

What’s new in QlikView May 2024

Data window functions in engine load script

Customers can now perform complex calculations on their data tables in the Qlik load script to perform aggregation on different partitions without losing the granularity of their data.

This functionality is commonly used in SQL and with many ML data preparation use cases.

Window functions

Notice of removal – QlikView Mobile client

The support for the QlikView Mobile client has been removed as of this release of QlikView May 2024. You will still be able to use the Ajax client on both a phone and tablet, but the native application has been removed. The mobile Client will still be available in the App Stores to be used with older releases, but will NOT be able to connect to this version of QlikView Server


Resolved Defects

QlikView May 2024 Initial Release






QV 12.80 : Unclear behavior when saving temporary files on reload

Reload temp files now gets a unique name so that it does not cause a conflict when having several documents with the same name in different folders.


ErrorMode=0 does not work in QV 12.80

Macro expansions such like Must_Include can generate errors. These errors were not respecting the ErrorMode setting.


Issue when trying to select and filter charts by mouse in QlikView

Fixed a problem where mouse selections did not work as expected.


QVWS config.xml file is rewritten after Kerberos change

A fix so that the value negotiate is not overwritten for the http authentication in the settings file.


QlikView Desktop Open in server wrong pseudo url when tunneling required

This fix solves a problem for qvp-links using protocol and port.


QlikView Desktop 12.80 > Open in Server > .QVW extensions

Fixed a problem where the file extension comparison was case sensitive. A file extension with mixed case, lower case or upper case is now considered the same.


Disabling Home Button feature on AccessPoint

This fix introduces a setting in settings.ini for the web client and the QlikView plugin to disable the home button AllowGoBackToHub. 


QlikView: Totals are shown as ##### when the table is exported as image seeOP-95953

Straight tables now show totals correctly when exported as images from QV Desktop.


Lost connection when opening local document in webview mode

Fixed a problem with lost connection when opening local documents in webview mode.


In Pivot table rows with the same dimension values are merged and displayed as a single row. But after 41st dimension values are not displayed at all in web, even though they exist in Excel export

All values are now displayed even for very wide pivot tables.


Thousand symbol not working as expected for values on data poins in charts

Fixes the pop up label for bar charts when using symbols on the number tab for object properties.


Underscores not displaying in Accesspoint

Fixed a problem whereUuderscore character was hidden by bottom border. Text is now displayed on top of the border instead of beneath it


QlikView 12.80: Displaying Wrong value in pop-up windows for Pie chart.

Fixes pop-up labels for the pie chart so that the correct value is displayed.


Symbols not working in each field May 2023

Corrects the number presentation for numbers on data points on stacked bart charts when using a million symbol.


Issue with adding images in QlikView Report Header/Footer

Fixes so that it's possible to user images in a header of a report in QlikView.


Some of values of not selected with IF fucntion

Fixed a problem where some values weren't selected when using the IF function.


Edit the report in the Report designer does not show the correct label and definition for the expressions

The edit object button has been removed from reports.


General exception occurs when session collab ended

Solved a problem when Session collaboration ended while the audit log was enabled, it resulted into below exception followed by crash dump.

"Engine: Server aborted. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, general exception detected (Simple Request)."


Reload performance log cuts characters of qvw document name if there is underscore in the name

Fixed a problem where reload performance(ReloadMetadata ) log cut all characters before an underscore if such existed in document name.


NPrinting filters behaves differently with respect to connection Types with Qlik View

A previously delivered push to server fix (QV-19899) has been reverted. This may lead to some reports failing on servers with Push from Server enabled.

If you encounter this problem, we recommend to disable Push from Server.


Format issue after upgrade to QV 12.70 sr2 behaves differently from QV 11.20

To fix a format issue that occured after upgrade, a new setting to keep real number format during export has been introduced.

'KeepRealNumberFormat' has default value 0.

To enable it, add 'KeepRealNumberFormat=1' to Settings.ini.


After we Upgraded 12.8 Switch between IE Plugin and AJX is not seamless

The IE Plugin is only available from Microsoft Edge in IE mode, and the Ajax client does not open in Internet Explorer. This caused difficulties when if you used both the IE Plugin and the Ajax client.
This has now been fixed so saving the plugin path to always use Internet Explorer mode does not affect other clients, like Ajax.


Unable to lease license in DMS mode on May 2023

Fixed a problem with leasing a license in DMS mode. Follow the steps defined in the following support article:
After successful license leased, you must restart QlikView Desktop.


QlikView Desktop WebView Cycling forever

Fixed a problem when opening apps in WebView mode without circling/cycling.


QVS has no ”Encrypt-Password.ps1” file

Encrypt-Password.ps1 and its dependent files have been added to QVS and are installed to the location %ProgramFiles%\QlikView\Licenses.


QlikView - May 2023 IR - NTFS Permissions removed after QMC Reload

NTFS file permissions are now passed to the user document after a reload when a publisher license is not being used. 


QVW Data Reduction Process affected after upgrade to QlikView 12.70 SR1

Input field values were missing on refresh of server distributed QlikView app with Section Access. In case of Qlik Cloud, set ApplyInputFieldValues to false.


Unable to Edit qlikview when zoom less than 100% and unset flag Move/Size sheet objects

Fixed an issue of not being able to edit when zoom is less than 100% in QV Desktop.


Line Chart highlight feature has a limitation

The highlight effect can now be used for line charts with a high number of data points selected.


Task Status stuck in Waiting and Last Execution Never

Fixed a problem where task status was stuck in Waiting and Last Execution in Never


QlikView Key fields are marked incorrectly after saving QVW as QVF

Key Fields are now displayed correctly in the Document Properties window for both formats of QlikView apps: QVW and QVF.


Send to Excel doesn't work in webview

The Send to Excel option is now working as expected in WebView.


Sort by state not applied correctly in container

Sort by state is now working as expected for listboxes inside containers.


Date” list box that should be available are not visible.

Sort by state is now working as expected for listboxes inside containers.


Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive; it does however list all known major issues and limitations.

Known issues:

In editing Document Reports, the button "Properties" was removed intentionally. The properties of all items can still be changed by going through document properties.



If you are running Qlik NPrinting with QlikView, there is a Compatibility issue:

Installing On-Demand Add-on on a Microsoft IIS hosted QlikView AccessPoint will require the following minimum version for NPrinting on-demand installer

  • May 2023 SR5
  • February 2024 SR2


Upgrade notes

Upgrading when using certificates for authorization


If a standard Upgrade is done, new certificates will be created using the AES 256

GCM mode as part of the upgrade.


Instructions for upgrading QlikView with new certificates mode (GCM) – Before implementing this, TLS 1.2 has to be enabled for QVS to work normally.

Perform the upgrade on all machines in the cluster.

After completion, the installer will ask you to restart the machine/s.

After restart and services are running, stop all the services and open "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Management Service\QVManagementService.exe.config" and apply the following config:

 <add key="InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey" value="true"></add>

If Services are clustered, all the cluster nodes also need the new certificate.

Add into resp config files for each (one on each node):

<add key="InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey" value="true"></add>


InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey=1 if QVS.

Start the QMS first and then rest of all services

In the QMC, go to the service’s System/setup, for example if QDS select the node and distribute the new certificates to QDS machine with Apply in setup and follow the popup instructions. Do this for one service om each node to distribute new certs mode. Stop QMS again and all services. Make above configuration false in all config/settings files

"<add key="InstallingNewCertificatesAndCryptoKey" value="false"></add>".

Start all services. All machines in the cluster shall now have the new certs mode.

If you for some reason need to downgrade to the previous version again, follow this

Support Article to re-generate certificates using the old encryption algorithm.


System requirements notes

The system requirements for this release can be found under “System requirements” on the Qlik help web site.





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