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Add context and drive discussion with Collaborative Notes in Qlik Sense

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Add context and drive discussion with Collaborative Notes in Qlik Sense




Hey guys this is Mike Tarallo with Qlik and in this video, I will give you a

a brief overview of our latest feature in Qlik Sense SaaS collaborative notes.

Collaborative notes allow users to add narratives and context to their

analytics by creating discussions with others actively around data.

Notes can contain snapshots from their analytics and text commentary

to capture that human perspective users can tag and invite others to the

discussion creating a collaborative canvas for both real-time and

offline communication for a deeper dive on this new feature.

Check out our Qlik help documentation and our companion videos

on the Qlik help YouTube channel let's take a look. Okay so before I get started with a

brief demo it's important to understand when using notes how it can be used so some use cases can include, for example keeping track of personal insights where an individual performs their own analysis and keeps notes of their findings in their own personal space possibly to

capture a point of interest or even remind them to follow up now another would be KPI monitoring for example something that I’m going to show you here where team members can collaborate capture their insights collectively create this discussion and involve

others and work together to produce desired outcomes and then another one simply

could be informative where a note can guide users with explanations of the metrics

and information is shown as you see here and possibly even answer frequently asked questions.

Okay so for this brief demonstration I’m just going to focus on the second use case

which was monitoring some KPIs and bringing in team members to collaborate

with meso in this particular visualization as I’m analyzing it let's say this

particular category piques my interest, I notice there is a significant value in

this category when compared to the others but also a lower number of products

so we have some high-value products in this particular category

and I want to bring in another team member to take a look at this with me.

So I go over to my notes section on top I choose the space that they're apart

of now if I wanted to create a personal note for myself that only I see I would

choose personal but in this case, here we're collaborating with other members who are

part of the space so we choose that space and then we create a new note and we

give that note a title and then we can start putting in our note but at the same time

I can right-click on the visualization and select add snapshot to note and what

this will do is now put a point in time view of that visualization directly

within that note. Now I could also put in some text or commentary and

at the same time, I can insert a tag or a mention I can do that here or I can just type

the at symbol and then select the individual so in this case, here I have an individual name

John Doe that I want to collaborate with and you can see he's part of the space

where other members are not in this case John Doe can view this note, but I want

John Doe to be able to provide additional insights and collaborate with me. So, I’ll go to the modify access and then i will select can edit for this particular note access for John Doe

okay so let's switch over to the user john doe so now i have a screen here and we can see that John Doe who also has access to this space has been notified and this notification

can be received via the web or email in this case here we can see Michael Tarallo mentioned you in a note and you have been invited to collaborate on collection distribution significant

value now within the space for that user they can actually select any one of these

notes or from the notification they can click this, and it'll bring them directly to

that note where they can start collaborating as well so now we can see the note and 

the snapshot that was entered in by Mike and at this point john doe can then tag me if he wished

and start entering in his additional collaboration now if this was something that was

captured in real-time. What I'm going to do is just do a split-screen. Here you can see as

I start to type additional information in real-time is being displayed on my screen so these

are two separate sessions one's logged in as john doe the other one is logged in as Mike Tarallo

so you can see the individuals not only can collaborate offline but they can also collaborate

online in real-time.  Okay guys that's all I have check out these other great resources to

learn more about Qlik and Qlik sense and also be sure to join me twice a month on my webinar series Do more with Qlik, where this week we are covering data hybrid delivery a Qlik cloud data service hope to see you there I’ll see you on the next video. Take care



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