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Qlik Fix: How to Download Qlik Products

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Qlik Fix: How to Download Qlik Products

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Oct 28, 2022 8:18:13 AM

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Apr 1, 2022 4:20:45 AM




Hi and Welcome to Qlik Fix
This video will demonstrate how to download Qlik Products.
Start by logging into Qlik dot com with your Qlik ID and password
Once logged in hover over Support and select Downloads
This will take you to the Downloads page on Qlik Community.
You can also find this page on Qlik Community under Support, Product News and Downloads.
If you have any issues accessing this page, check the settings of your browser to verify that 3rd party cookies from the qlik dot com or community dot qlik dot com domain are allowed.
From the download page, select the product category from the top row, the latest release and patch is already pre-selected.
Narrow down the search by selecting Product, Release…
You can also select Search All, and search in each field
When you’re ready to download simply click on the download link

If you'd like more information
Take advantage of the expertise of peers, product experts, Community MVPs and technical support engineers
by asking a question in a Qlik Product Forum.
Hiding in plain sight is the Search tool.
This engine allows you to search Qlik Knowledge Base Articles,
Qlik Community forums,
Help dot Qlik dot com, Qlik Gallery,
multiple Qlik YouTube channels and more, all from one place.
There’s also the Support space.
We recommend you subscribe to the Support Updates Blog,
And learn from Qlik experts via a webinar, like Techspert Talks or Q&A with Qlik.
Thanks for watching.
Nailed it!

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