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Video Transcript: Qlik Data Transfer – Quick Demo

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Video Transcript: Qlik Data Transfer – Quick Demo


Video Transcript: Qlik Data Transfer – Quick Demo


hey guys, this is mike tarallo with Qlik and i'm going to demonstrate our new lightweight utility for qlik
sense sas deployments/  Qlik DataTransfer let me show you howeasy it is to automate data transfer
from on-premise sources to qlik sense sas.  In this example i have the Qlik DataTransfer
utility installed locally on my server we're just going to select a folderlocation to watch and listen for files
and as those files come in or updated it will automatically upload and update the app in qlik sense sas in this case here we're just going to
call this location
game inventory and we're going to choose
the location on my server
and we're going to put the data in the
retro gaming space on my sas environment
and then we have an app that we're going
to utilize here called game inventory
and this app will automatically be
reloaded upon the scheduled upload of
the file
now in my qlik sense environment on the
sas deployment
i'm going to open up the app in this
case we don't have any data but now i
can select the data that we just
uploaded from my local environment
using the click data transfer utility
by navigating to that you can see here
is the data file
at this point i can select tables and
and let's go into our inside advisor and
let's check
on the number of game titles
using natural language how many game
and we have 650 let's add that
to our sheet and now we can just
navigate to the sheet
now watch how i update the inventory
locally on my server
and upon uploading it to the sas
environment it will automatically reload
this app
here is our game inventory
i'm just going to paste a record change
the record identifier and the name of
the title
and we can see it is of type game
now we're going to click save and close
now automatically when the file change
is made
it will be uploaded and the app will
then be reloaded
and now you can see our count distinct
is 6 51.
get started today sign up for a free
trial of qlik sense
and explore and analyze all of your
critical business information
in the cloud

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