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What's New November 2020


What's New November 2020


Hey guys this is Mike Tarallo with Qlik and it's time for you to learn what's

new in our latest click data analytics release November 2020.

This release brings qlik sense SaaS intelligent data alerting capabilities

improvements to our augmented analytics and business logic

additional connectivity and productivity improvements

as usual be sure to check the click help site what's new document

and longer feature demonstration video for other improvements

not covered in this video so let's begin and jump right in with

some of the highlights and more demonstrable features such as

this awesome addition included with qlik sense enterprise SaaS

data alerting data alerting provides data-driven alerts that

help you monitor your business and take action when there

are sudden changes or outliers in your data alerting capabilities

include evaluation of new data against thresholds

comparisons between measures and conditions and the ability to trigger

alerts based on individual dimension values alerting is included

with Qlik Sense enterprise SaaS allowing both self-service

and managed alerts November 2020 introduces calendar

periods and vocabulary to our new business logic feature

that we released in September if you recall business logic helps

insight advisor produces more relevant results by defining rules

and behaviors that guide insight suggestions you can now define custom vocabulary

definitions to make conversational analytics and visual searches more

natural this includes mapping fields to commonly use words and phrases

and defining terms to conditional expressions where a single term can be

mapped with a range of conditions and calendar periods allow you to define

custom time ranges for more relevant time-based queries supporting period

over period comparisons and advanced time ranges like this time last

quarter we have also added some minor productivity improvements

to November 2020 which now include the ability to monitor

charts that have been produced by insight advisor visual search

copying and pasting of measures from and to other chart objects

as well as the ability to copy and paste sheets to and from apps

within the same environment there have been some minor visualization

improvements as well such as the ability to add images in custom tool tips

from a url or our media library maps and other chart objects can display

images with other information when hovering over values in your charts

giving your tooltips a custom look while providing visual cues about the data

now i know this video is highlighting our click data analytics release

but as you know we are so much more than data analytics as we also

have a data integration competency in particular click catalog and click

replicate our November 2020 release of enterprise manager

can now automate cataloging click replicate tasks helping you

streamline your workflows let me give you a brief example of the

process flow let's start at the click catalog for the purpose

of this demonstration there isn't any data onboarded into the

catalog and nothing at the source hierarchy now let's switch over to Qlik

Enterprise Manager which has been pre-configured with a Qlik Replicate

task using my SQL as a source database and automatically

propagating data over to Microsoft SQ Lserver

when changes occur next we can select any replicate task in enterprise manager

and using the new catalog menu we connect to catalog

all the target table metadata into Qlik Catalog

at the click of a button now we can see the data from

our target has been onboarded into the click catalog

with the configured source hierarchy and all the tables

this newly onboarded data can now be curated as desired

by a data steward and made available to the rest of the business

in a secure and governed way so users can shop for data and publish it into

Qlik sets or other BI tools. Well that's it for this video if you

want a deeper dive on these highlights and more with each release

be sure to sign up and subscribe for a Qlik insider our webinar series

with the next one scheduled for November if you want to be notified when more

videos such as this are posted and are viewing from YouTube click the

bell icon below we want to hear from you so tell me in the comments what you think

don't forget to check out these other great resources to learn more about

Qlik and Qlik Sense and please remember to

join the conversation with myself and others

in the Qlik community.  Thanks for watching I hope to see you the next

video. take care.


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