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About Ideation

Where Customers, Partners, Luminaries, and MVPs can make product suggestions.

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We want to meet you where you are when you need us the most. Whether it is troubleshooting through our chat, exploring our knowledge articles, or connecting with us during webinars, our goal is to answer your questions quickly, in the way that's most convenient to you. We're here to help.
Daniel Coullet, SVP, Global Support and Customer Experience

About Ideation

Welcome to Qlik Ideation, where you (as a Customer, Partner Luminary or MVP) can vote for your favorite product ideas and suggest your own. All new ideas are reviewed by product management within 8 weeks of submission and consider all ideas for strategic fit. Product management also reviews hot and top ideas at the beginning of every planning cycle.

Who can use Ideation

Submitting and browsing ideas is open to Community members that are registered as a Customer, Partner, Luminary, or MVP. If the Suggest and Browse page is not accessible to you, please make sure you are signed up for Qlik Community with your company email and chat with Qlik Support if assistance is required.

How to browse and submit

The Suggest and Browse page now has an embedded Qlik sense app that you can use to search, filter, and engage with ideas. Use the different table containers to browse by top ideas, new ideas, or by ideas you have submitted or engaged with. You can open the app in a new tab to continue browsing.

You can also use the new dashboard in the Ideation Portal, which allows you to search and filter by status, product label, user, and more. In the dashboard you can vote for, comment on, and even indicate the priority of ideas you’re interested in, as well as track their status and subscribe to updates.

How to support an Idea

Ideas bubble to the top with additional “votes” and “comments”. You can show your support for an idea by being part of the conversation (comments) and voting for the idea.

Use the Ideation app on the Browse and Suggest page to find an Idea. Filter the app by:

  • Idea Product Label
  • Idea Status
  • Community Username
  • Idea Status Category
  • Submitter Username
  • Company Name

  • You can also search the table with key terms in the 'Idea Subject' field or use the 'Idea ID' field at the end of the table.

    When you find an Idea you would like to support, click on the link. Use the "thumbs up" button to show support or post a comment.

    Note: Direct links are not supported. Use the 'Idea Subject' or 'Idea ID' fields to share the idea with peers.


    If you see the following page when opening an Idea, this is an error! Please read below:

    Users do not need to login to Ideation - the should be automatically authenticated to the portal from their Qlik Community account. This is done through the Browse and Suggest page . If you see the page above, it means you were not correctly authenticated. Please ensure that your pop-up blocker is not blocking things on this page (check the right side of your URL bar after clicking to review this).

    Follow these steps to authenticate:

    1. Close the page above
    2. Open the Suggest and Browse page
    3. Click "Suggest features" in the top right card
    This will open up the portal dashboard. Now, you are authenticated, and will be able to browse using the app on the Suggest and Browse page, using the idea links, or using the portal dashboard.

    Check out the following resources to learn more about Ideation!