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    Section access - exclude just one value!

      Hi guys!

      I'm trying to implement section access/section application for a sales model.

      Basically, I would like that the user could see all the customers except one (to keep all the data and reduce only one customer)!


      I would like to have:

      1) an admin that can see all the data, (ok, that's easy :-)

      2) some user (sales manager) who can see all the data except one customer.

      Suppose to have 4 customers (A,B,C,D) and 2 user who can see (A,B,C) but not D.


      How can i complete the section access?


      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [

          ACCESS, USERID, PASSWORD, (Which command should use here? "OMIT", "REDUCTION", ???)

          ADMIN, ADMIN, ADM1,

          USER, USER1, PSW1, ??? ("NOT D"?, I've tried but doesn't work!)

          USER, USER2, PSW2, ???




      Section Application;


      Help me to complete the code, please!

      Thanks soooo much!