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    "Failed to open document. You don't have access to this document"

      Hi there,


      our user from abroad are facing a problem with opening our application via the desktop client.

      If the use "Open in Server" everything is ok. Unfortunately our users shall be able to use the application offline so they open it directly from a network drive or save the application to their local disc an open this copy.

      Both ways do not work for them - but only for international users. The users here in our main office do not have any problems.

      Even using a command line prompt to open the application via server does not work. The only way for our international users so far is to use the "open in server".


      This is the error message the users see:


      I am not sure if this has someting to do with our section access but that was what I found looking for this error message. In this case we only use section access to grant users acces to the application, we do not limit the data with section access in any way.


      Could it be a problem with section access? Or might there be something wrong with network connection, ports, firewalls or whatever? Has anyone ever had a problem like this?

      Thanks for your help and best regards,