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    QV User Manager (Power Tools) trouble

    Isaiah Weed

      Hey All - I'm using version 1.1 of QlikView Power Tools; specifically Qv User Manager 11 (qv-user-manager.exe)  QlikView Server version is 11.2 SR4


      I'm unable to remove CALs using this tool; here is an example of the error I'm seeing:


      >qv-user-manager.exe -r=CAL


      No CALs to remove on servername

      No Document CALs to remove from 'DocumentName.qvw' on servername
      System.Exception: Failed to set document meta data


      What's interesting is that I'm not passing in a document name parameter, and the specific qvw filename being returned doesn't have any alloted document CAL's.  qv-user-manager.exe -l=CAL will return a number of user CALs (Document column is blank) along with some document licenses.  I've noticed that the -d / --document parameter doesn't seem to work with the -r option or -l option.  I have set up the QlikView Management API group successfully.


      Has anyone else come across this error or have a workaround?  -Isaiah

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          Michael Krauss



          i just had a quick look to the source code.

          The qv-user-manager.exe -r=CAL will just remove all NAMED CAL and DOCUMENT CAL that are more then 30 Days not in use.

          code snip NAMED CAL:

          // Number of inactive days

                          const int days = -30;


          // Iterate through all CAL's and remove the inactive ones

                              foreach (var c in config.NamedCALs.AssignedCALs.ToList().Where(u => u.LastUsed.Year > 0001 && u.LastUsed.CompareTo(DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(days)) == -1))





          code snip DOCUMENT CAL:



          // Iterate through all CAL's and remove the inactive ones

                                  foreach (var c in metaData.Licensing.AssignedCALs.ToList().Where(u => u.LastUsed.Year > 0001 && u.LastUsed.CompareTo(DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(days)) == -1))



                                // Save changes




          I think that you can't remove Named CAL is that you don't have users that are inactive for more then 30 Days (you can check by QMC).

          An the Exception cause surly by the red marked code line. But why, i don't know.




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              Isaiah Weed

              Thanks a bunch for looking at this Michael.  After reading your post I went and dug through the source a bit more; still not finding anything but got a few clues.  It turns out (I believe) the problem that I am having is because of corrupt entries in the CalData.pgo file; for example where document CAL's were assigned to documents that were deleted etc.

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                  Isaiah Weed

                  I just wanted to post my solution to this in case anyone else finds it useful.  As expected the problem was corrupt entries in CalData.pgo pointing to "phantom" documents (previously removed from the user-facing directory while Document CAL's were still allocated.) Because the entries pointed to invalid paths, my solution was to stop both the QlikView Server and QlikView Management Service services, delete the CalData.pgo files from both locations, restart the services and reassign Named User CAL's and reallocate Document CAL's.  -Isaiah

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                      Shantanu Sardar

                      Hi Isaiah/Friends


                      I am novice in using OF Power Tools.

                      I had Qlikview User Manager(Power Tools).

                      My Qlikview server had NTFS authorization setting.

                      With the help of Power Tools I want to assign the Named Cal and Doc Cal to Some Domain users.


                      With the help of following script I can view the list of user assigned the Name cal, etc.

                      qv-user-manager.exe --list cal


                      But I cannot assign the Name cal or Doc Cal. Or remove the Name Cal or Doc Cal.

                      For assign the Name cal, following Script I am using in command prompt.

                      qv-user-manager.exe --add cal domain1\user1

                      On running the above script following message appear

                      Nothing to add on QVS@Qlikserverprod


                      Where Domain1        = Domain name

                                user1              = User name in Domain

                                Qlikserverprod  = Qlikview Server Machine Name


                      Please let me know where I am wrong. Or suggest me the script. It will great if get quick response.

                      It will be also great If I get the script to assign Doc Cal to particular user for particular Document.