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    Counting unique users when anonymous auth

    Magnus ÅVITSLAND

      Hi Qlik!


      I need to somehow show "Number of unique users".

      Is [Client_machine_identification] the field for me?



      Several objects show a count of unique users using the field [Authenticated User].


      That does not work in my clients environment, because they use anonymous authentication thus all users get [Authenticated User] = 'Anonymous'.


      I cannot use the field [QlikView User] either, because not all apps use authorization.


      That leaves me with the field [Client_machine_identification] and hence my question:


      How is [Client_machine_identification] calculated?

      Does it always return the came hash for the same IP/MAC whenever that user connects, or how does it work?

      Is [Client_machine_identification] the field for me?

      Kind regards

      Magnus Åvitsland

      BI Architect Consultant