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    Administrator/Designer/Developer Skills

      Hello Qlik Community members,

      I am hoping you can assist with, clarify and shed some light for me in what I am about to ask.


      Background & Information

      For about a year we have been an on demand customer of using QlikView with a partner.  Recently we have now made a decision to purchase the application and setup the infrastructure environment in house on premise.

      With that said, we have a set number of users who can attend the following QlikView training:

      Server Publisher (I refere to this as QlikView Administrator/System Administrator)





      In my organization, we are mostly business users. I am a little techie due to my desktop support/junior system administrator role.  The list of individuals considered to go to training from my organization are:  VP, Director, Manager, Another Manager, 5 analysts.



      So i have learned quite a bit now about the training courses above and made my initial recommendations to my manager.  However, the request is what are the skills encompasses by the individuals who normally fill the roles in the courses identified.

      I was able to locate some nice information and populated the below however, need assistance with distinguishing designer with developer.  I know the designer course is a pre-requisite to developer but not sure what skills i would identify here.  Also, need help with Administrator and Nprinting.


      FYI - i have recommended the VP, Director, 2 managers, 2 analysts receive designer training only and the other 3 analysts receive all of the above.

      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.  I need help with the yellow.


      QlikView Administrator Skills

      Daily effort to complete tasks listed below: 1.5 hours. 

      The QlikView administrator provides day to day support of the operation of the QlikView Server and the ongoing management of document reloads from the source systems. 

      Windows system administrator knowledge?

      The tasks incorporated into this responsibility include:

      ·         Ongoing management of the QlikView server platform.

      ·         Monitoring of the QlikView server platform for performance and availability.

      ·         Management of all QlikView server configurations.

      ·         Stop and restart of services

      ·         Management of access credentials and connectivity to all source systems. 

      ·         Management of the reload schedule for all QlikView documents.

      ·         Daily monitoring of document reloads and triage and communications for all failures.

      ·         User access maintenance including add, changes and deletions of user accounts.

      ·         Application and management of server licenses.

      ·         Provide change management for all production environment configuration changes.

      ·         Coordinate and help manage new document deployment

      ·         Coordinate QlikView service packs on server and communicate changes to users.

      ·         Coordinate and manage resolution of any identified bugs with QlikView.

      ·         Manage and coordinate changes for lower level test or development environments.

      ·         Maintain and update administrative documentation.


      QlikView Developer Skills

      References: http://community.qlik.com/message/430099#430099


      ·         Possesses analytical skills and has good knowledge and understanding of the data model for the business/industry for which he or she is designing and developing QlikView applications.

      ·         Intermediate knowledge of SQL, relational databases and dimensional modeling.  SQL knowledge includes but is not limited to concepts such as Joins, Group, Where, Primary and Foreign Key, Data Normalization.

      ·         Basic knowledge of C/C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic programming languages in order to work with loading of scripts, working with expressions, and Set Analysis.

      ·         Basic knowledge of data warehousing concepts.

      ·         The discipline to work in a case sensitive environment and vision to devise solutions to problems where the standard methods do not deliver.

      ·         Knowledge of the charts, views, and dashboards within all the applications encompassed in the environment.  (Which chart is used in which scenario/representation)

      ·         Knowledge and ability to chain and link QlikView documents.

      ·         Ability to create complex expression for dynamic aggregation.

      ·         Advanced scripting and ETL, data modeling


      Interpersonal Skills/Characteristics:

      •High level of initiative and resourcefulness

      •Excellent organizational skills and ability to multi-task

      •Excellent written and oral communication skills

      •Proven documentation skills with consistent accuracy of details

      •Superior customer service skills

      •Self-starter with a high energy level

      •Ability to work independently without supervision once trained

      •Prioritize and balance multiple projects and tasks

      •Manage time effectively and meet deadlines

      •Operate with a considerable degree of credibility and business sense


      QlikView Designer Skills


      QlikView NPrinting Skills