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    Only allow certain users to view a particular tab

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I have this nice big dashboard with a dozen tabs I'd like to share out with the company via document cals assigned to other user groups.  One tab has individual biometric information I do NOT want to share out with the company.  Is there a simple way, say in tab properties, for me to check a checkbox and put in a list of the user groups allowed to view that biometrics tab?


      So for the document, I'd have reporting, marketing, tech, and customerservice groups given a document cal to view the document

      and for the biometrics tab of the document, I'd want only the tech team to be able to view it, while all those other teams can still view all the other tabs.


      I know I could kick the biometrics to their own dashboard, but thought I'd check for a way to do this without piling up (any more) dashboards.