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    Using Weekname with Set Analysis in Chart Expression

    Martha Thompson



      I'm struggling to get an expression to correctly summarize data in a chart using the weekname function. I have created a variable and assigned it like this:

      varWeekName =


      it appears to be set to 2010/28. In my load script the field is created with the following line:

      weekname(CRMTransDate) as CRMTranWeekYear

      The expression in my chart is:



      count({$<CRMTranWeekYear={$(varWeekName)}>} CRMRecType)

      This returns null in my chart. If I display my data in a straight table it appears there is data where CRMTranWeekYear is 2010/28. What am I doing wrong? Am I using the weekname function incorrectly or is there a formatting issue between my variable and the field when I load my data?

      Thanks for any help......