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    QV User Manager (Power Tools 1.2) issues

    Davide Garavaglia

      Hey all,

      in customer environment (Win Server 2008, NET 4.0, Qlik 11.00 SR2) I get some issues using qv user manager 11 to delete Named CAL (older than 30 days):

      on the application server, when some variables are met a web portal starts the tool through Tomcat service but the process hangs (as Task Manager shows).

      The absence of any licenses removal confirms my assumptions.

      Tomcat starts up qv user  manager with the correct usage (qv-user-manager.exe --remove=CAL) and the right logon (same user of Qlik Server set up, member of Qlik Admin and Qlik API)

      The fact is that the tool works fine when I run it from cmd with the same scope but it can't runs when starts from a service.

      Ah I was forgetting...

      - another tool (QMS EDX) is working fine with the same workflow (web portal/Tomcat -> command line -> tool);

      - after Tomcat restarts, tool seems to works properly;

      - after Qlik Server restarts, tool seems to work properly.

      I'm hoping someone could provide some guidance or at least let me know if you have ever seen this issues.

      Help much appreciated!!! It's causing some problems with customer.