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    Creating financial statements (layout)

    Steve Zagzebski

      Is there a good way to create a financial statement that is more customized in nature and not just a straight table.


      My issue: I want to have blank lines, headers at difference parts of the statement, and subtotals like:



           Eastern Division       xxx.xx

           Western Division      xxx.xx

           North Division           xxx.xx
      Total Revenue                       xxx.xx 
         (blank line)

      Costs of Goods Sold:  xxx.xx

        (blank line)


           Salaries                   xxx.xx

           Benefits                   xxx.xx

           All Other Expenses xxx.xx

      Total Expenses                       xxx.xx

      (blank line)

      Net Profit                                             xxx.xx


      Is the only way to do this by creating separate objects and align them under each other?  Does any one have an example of some type of statement that would loosely reflect what I am trying to do?