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    Which more useful for Qlikview graphics work, Gimp or Inkscape?

      Hi all,


      It's gotten to the point where I need to learn a graphics editor to be able to edit and create relatively simple images for use in Qlikview, and I'm trying to decide whether it makes more sense to learn Gimp (raster graphics - PNG, bitmap, etc.) or Inkscape (vector graphics - SVG file formats).  Both are open-source, so cost isn't an issue.  I think I understand that ideally one would be able to work with vector graphics as there's less "fuzziness" in images when working with them due to the lack of pixelization, but since Qlikview only seems to be able to import raster graphics I'm thinking maybe Gimp would be better to learn, and I'd just make the resolution really high whenever possible.  What do you experts out there say?