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    Lost Connection to Server - Reconnecting

      We have a new Qlikview Configuration where the Webserver is in the DMZ using IIS, and all other Qlikview Services are run on it's own server.  All the ports have been opened between Web Server & App Server that are necessary.  When looking at the firewall traffic for any blocked ports while attempting to access the application, there are none.  IIS is siteminder protected DMS mode using LDAP.


      After about 60 seconds, (roughly, not exactly) the client reports the connection has been lost, reconnecting.  When it reconnects, there is no communication between the web server & app server.  So it seems it's referring to the connection between the Browser (AJAX) and the webserver.  We can't seem to determine the cause of this message, and how to prevent it from appearing.  The entire document is loaded on my local browser, and it's not dynamically updated, but still this error seems to occur. 


      Any thoughts?  There are plenty of licenses, and everyone is using different logins.  Timeout settings are all well above 60 seconds.  I've browsed these forums for days, and couldn't find anything that worked related to these symptoms.