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    Alternate State Connections

      Dear All,


      I want to see comparison of Sales for two different periods.

      I have selections boxes:

      Country (Alternate state: A);

      City (Alternate state: A);

      YearMonth (Alternate state: A)

      YearMonth (Alternate state: B)


      I have a table where Dimensions are "Country" and "City" - alternate state A.

      1st expression is Sales1 with YearMonth from alternate state A

      2nd expressions is Sales2 with YearMonth from alternate state B


      I can see two different values for each Sales if the YearMonth is selected. Good!

      I have selected one City from list box (alternate state A) to see Sales just for this City, but still displays all Cities with Sales even there was no Sales in Sales1 or Sales2. The problem is that I have to choose the same City but in alternate sate B to see just that one specific City.


      Is there any way that I can use "City" (alternate state A) in expression with "Sales" and "YearMonth" in alternate state B?