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    PDF Publisher: Could not print report. ErrorCode=TIME_OUT_ERROR

    Ahmed Ali Shiraz

      We want to distribute PDF report to people. We have Qlikview PDF Publisher license also. We have clustered environment. We have 3 servers, 2 servers have qlikview servers, clustered and 3rd server have qlikview publisher.


      When assigning task from main live qlikview server of take PDF and distribute (email) it to people, it starts and after some time it stops and give time out error, "Could not print report. ErrorCode=TIME_OUT_ERROR". My email client is working fine.


      Now I have another server, which is development server,  when assigning task from that qlikview server it runs and completed successfully. we have issue that we want the task to perform from our main live qlikview server.


      Kindly help.