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    Pivot Table SubTotals when a Dimension determines Expression Calculation

    Richard Simpson

      I am trying to build a Pivot Table with a single dimension on the left hand side, and Months of the Year along the top.

      But then I have a floating table with a field called "ReportType" and this has two values: Number of People & Distance Walked

      I add this field as a second dimension to the Pivot Table so that the two options appear on the left hand side after each value reported from the first dimension (in this example the first dimension is "route of walk" ). The Month is the 3rd dimension, and displayed along the top.

      In the expression I check the ReportType value and either sum the people or sum the distance accordingly. So the Pivot Table shows two types of values against each "Route of Walk" i.e. Num of people per Month and Total Distance Walked per Month.

      If I add partial sums to the Month Dimension, I get a nice total on the right hand side showing Total number of people and distance walked per route for all months. That is fine (although the unit of one total is a bit strange?)

      But trying to display partial sums for the first dimension to give me total number of people and also distance walked per Month, for all routes, at the bottom of the table doesn't work. It sums the values for the first Report Type, but ignores the second?


      I have attached a ZIP file containing some very basic data in EXCEL + a QVW which illustrates the problem.

      Does anyone have any ideas how I could get this to behave as I want it to?

      Thanks in advance if you do