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    Personal Edition License - "What are the Rules?"

    david balmer

      Using QlikView 11 Personal Edition, I am trying to build a demonstration prototype involving multiple [8] disparate source files.  As a rookie, I am finding stuff out as I go along and cannot get it all done without adjusting keys, fields, and other "source-related" information.  Hence, I have been incrementally trying to add new sources and establishing linkages as the concepts become clearer.  As the process requires me to add/maintain the Script, I consequently have had to "re-load" the Script several times.  This seems to work just fine when only or two one data sources are involved. 


      What I cannot seem to clarify are the "Rules" around the re-load function.  After developing a script two days ago that worked just fine, I went back to it and tried to "add" a new data source.  I am now getting the Script Error Message regarding the two previous and existing data sources as follows:


      Cannot open file 'E:\ABCSourceData\ClaimDetRecords' The system cannot find the file specified.


      followed by:


      Cannot open file 'E:\ABCSourceData\ClaimHdrRecords' The system cannot find the file specified.


      So it seems, that my incremental approach to prototype development is "doomed" inasmuch as I cannot seem to add new data sources without getting the messages as displayed above.  What I would like to know is the following:


      1. Does the message "Cannot open file ................etc.  The system cannot find the file specified" have anything to do with the number of reloads allowed in the Personal Edition?  If it does, then the error message is highly misleading.  What it should say is something to the effect that "Reload threshold has been reached".
      2. If I am developing the entire prototype on a single PC with all QlikView work resident on that single PC, are their any limitations regarding the number of times the developing script can be reloaded?  If this is the case, what are my alternatives if any?
      3. Or, is there some fundamental issue that I am missing as a rookie?  Surely anyone needing to convince anyone else of the merits of the ClikView product, can appreciate that a prototype of at least some complexity and time-to-build will be involved.


      I am very impressed with the product so far but need to demo it beyond a simple script.  I would really appreciate any feedback that the Community can provide.


      Thanks very much