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    Help with Error Log

    Adil Hussain

      Hi All


      I'm a bit baffled!


      I am setting up a new server and the job reloads manually fine.


      When run in Publisher it does not reload. The Extraction file runs and this runs after in a cascading effect.


      So RAW Extract runs (works)


      Then RAW TO QVD (manually runs fine)


      but get this in error log


      (2014-05-01 10:45:52) Information: The Source Document reload complete. DocumentPath=D:\QlikView Storage Data\UAT\Data Source\QVD_SYSTEM\Data_RAW_To_QVD_Common_DB.qvw

      (2014-05-01 10:45:52) Information: Memory Allocation Delta for this file=86.00 Mb. Available Physical Memory Before Reload=119344.24 Mb. Available Physical Memory After Reload=118745.18 Mb. Total Physical Memory=118745.18 Mb.

      (2014-05-01 10:45:52) Error: The Source Document was NOT reloaded successfully. DocumentPath=D:\QlikView Storage Data\\UAT\Data Source\QVD_SYSTEM\Data_RAW_To_QVD_Common_DB.qvw.

      (2014-05-01 10:45:52) Information: Closing the document.

      (2014-05-01 10:45:53) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=11016

      (2014-05-01 10:45:53) Error: The task "Data\UAT\Data Source\QVD_SYSTEM\Data_RAW_To_QVD_Common_DB.qvw" failed. Exception:



      Can anyone help please?