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    VB Syntax Question


      Hi Everybody,

      I have a quick question on VB syntax. I have a short macro that selects the current year in the date selector field. The syntax looks like this:




      "Calendar Year"). Select YEAR(now())

      Instead of using the now() function, I want to use a variable that stores the date of the last refresh. What would be the syntax to use a variable? I can't figure it out!

      Thank you!!

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          Oleg Troyansky

          you need to use another API GetContent to retreive the value out of the QlikView variable. Here is an example:

          set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("Variable1")

          In your case, if you'd like to write it all in one line:


          ActiveDocument.Fields("Calendar Year"). Select ActiveDocument.Variables("vLastReload").GetContent.String


          Just be aware of the Date/Number formatting - what are you expecting to get out of the variable - the number or the formatted string? In order to ensure that you are getting the number, use function num() when you assign the variable in your script.



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              Rob Wunderlich

              An interesting variation is to use the extended search syntax with Select:

              ActiveDocument.Fields("Calendar Year").Select " =[Calendar Year] = '$(vLastReload)' "

              Same caveat applies re Date/Number formatting. But you can debug by testing the search expression in a listbox.


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              You guys are both awesome, thank you so much for the help.

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                  Hello vwalker, Oleg Troyansky, Rob Wunderlich,


                  I have a similar problem. I have one field ReloadDate which carries only the date when the report was reloaded. I need to compare ReloadDate with current date in a macro written using VBScript.. so how can I do that? 

                  I tried with

                  set dte = ActiveDocument.Fields("ReloadDate").GetPossibleValues



                  if  (dte = Date) then


                  end if



                  But the type mismatch error occures. Also tried with


                  if  (dte.item(0) = Date) then


                  end if


                  But again "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'dte.item'" error occures.


                  How to fix the issue??


                  Please reply