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    My Pivot table width is not fitting in A4 Report size

    Vinod Ramachandra

      Hi all,


      I have created a Report using report tab. In my QV i have Pivot table which is to be used in report. but problem is pivot table has too many columns   and too long in height it covers 3 A4 pages..my problem is width of the pivot table it doesn't fit in A4 size how to make it fit.


      can anybody suggest me,


      Thanks in advance.

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          Shawn Ho

          There is only so much information you can fit into a page. If your table is too big to print onto one page (whether it's due to the width or height), then you're going to have to make some compromise.


          I believe your options are:

          • Allow it to print onto multiple pages (or any many pages as is needed)
          • Use Fill / Fill with aspect to squeeze the table onto one page, but you might not be able to read the text, unless you print it on an A3 paper
          • Reduce the number of columns (to reduce the width) and let the height be dynamic
          • Split the PivotTable into many smaller tables to make it more manageable for printing