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    Problems with IE11, Windows 7 and IE plugin - even after upgrading to SR5

    Greg Anderson

      I have recently upgraded to SR5 on both the desktop and the server, but experience the following issues when viewing a document on the AccessPoint in the IE plugin version:

      1.) 30 second delay when opening a qvw from the AccessPoint (this used to be instant in XP and IE8)

      2.) current selection button on the tool bar doesn't work (nothing happens)

      3.) reports on the tool bar doesn't work (drop down list appears but when a report is clicked nothing happens)

      4.) Cannot send charts or tables to Excel.  Excel opens but nothing is displayed

      5.) The print button on charts and tables does nothing.


      I have different issues when using the full-browser version.


      I recently upgraded to IE11 and Windows 7.  It worked fine in IE8 and Windows XP.


      Any thoughts on how to fix this gratefully received.