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    Simple Gantt Charts: Projects and Milestones



      I am looking to make a simply Gantt chart (in QlikView 11) with 2 levels of detail;


      - Project Level (dates): Plan/Actual Start, Plan/Actual Finish

      - Milestone Level (dates): Plan/Actual Start, Plan/Actual Finish


      The main things I need to show are:


      - Range bars showing start and end of each project

      - Markers showing where milestones end along each project

      - Slippage where Actual Finish is past Plan Finish


      Extras/nice to have:


      - Conditional colors for projects and milestones based on status (red/yellow/green). I have an expression defining this already, i just don't know how to set conditional colors for charts.


      - Ability to show milestones as full bars too, but hidden under projects for users to optionally expand/collapse


      I appreciate your feedback or sample files. I found a couple of posts around here but the zip files they include as examples aren't working. Thank you!