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    Colors broken in bar charts with drill-down group?

    Peter Cammaert

      I'm having this "issue" with color consistency in bar charts whenever a drill-down dimension is used. See the example in attachment.


      The bar charts in the example have a group as dimension (no issues there) and two expressions that should output color-consistent results, meaning that Plan-values should always be color1 and Actuals should be color2. This works nicely in bar charts where you enable "Persistent colors" and in which either Cyclic groups or plain fields are used as dimensions. See the top chart.


      However, as soon as you insert a Drill-down group as dimension, odd things start happening. Two quick cases:

      • Select Q1-14 in the top chart. Chart "Persistent colors" in the container shows actuals in a plan color..
      • Select Q4-12 in the top chart: Chart "No consistent colors" in the container shows actuals in the Totals color..


      It has something to do with missing data for the first expression causing the second expression to misbehave. But only in a chart with a drill down group. The chart at the top (Cyclic gorup) is consistently correct.


      Any logic that I'm unfamiliar with? Thanks.